Low Tax Jurisdictions 2019

Low Tax Jurisdictions 2019

In 2019, low-tax jurisdictions is territories or states that give foreign investors the right not to pay tax payments from activities that are carried out outside the specified zone, or to pay them at a reduced rate.

Categories of jurisdictions and their differences

When planning to create a new business or optimize tax collection, special attention is paid to the type of jurisdiction where the case will open. Preference is given to those that are most favorable for the development of a specific activity.

Also, when choosing attention is paid to infrastructure, the possibility of entering the world market. To select the appropriate country for the development of the case, you can consult with IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

There are several main categories of jurisdictions:
• Offshore;
• Prestigious;
• Low tax.

Each of them has its own peculiarities of registering a company. The advantages of offshore countries are that there is no taxation in them, share registers are closed, assets are protected. The most famous offshore companies are Seychelles, Panama, BVI, etc.

Features of prestigious jurisdictions - they are considered the most reliable and inspire confidence among businessmen when opening a case. Most of these countries have loyal tax laws that allow you to optimize tax contributions and form international companies. Examples of such countries are Switzerland, Canada, Holland, etc.

Low tax jurisdictions are the most trusted compared to offshore companies. However, in order to register a business in such countries, certain requirements are required:
• Submit financial statements;
• pass an audit;
• Information in registries is open.

These jurisdictions include Great Britain, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc. The company IT-OFFSHORE provides legal assistance in registering a business abroad, opening accounts in foreign financial institutions, and provides advice on the payment of tax payments.

The most famous low tax countries

Offshore companies, which had long been used to optimize tax payments, lost their relevance in 2018. In this regard, businessmen who have companies registered in Vanuatu, Panama, the Seychelles and in some other jurisdictions may have problems creating a corporate account, there is a risk of frequent inspections.

Low tax jurisdictions in 2019 in which it is most beneficial to register a company:
• Montenegro - the advantages are that there is no currency control, there is no exchange of information about taxes;
• Hungary - is conveniently located geographically, since it is located in the center of Europe, there is the possibility of entering the EU market
• Bulgaria - a country characterized by a stable economy, a company can be registered in a short time;
• Switzerland - the country is considered prestigious to open a company;
• Liechtenstein - there is no capital gains tax in the jurisdiction;
• Georgia - in this state there are free economic zones, when registering a business in the FEZ, entrepreneurs can get preferential taxation;
• Kyrgyzstan - there is the FEZ, when registering a business in which you can reduce the income tax;
• Singapore - new companies can get tax relief;
• Hong Kong - you may not be required to pay several types of taxes, for example, capital gains, dividends.

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