The best countries for international business in 2019

The best countries for international business in 2019

For the successful conduct of international business in 2019, it is important to choose the right country to register a company. It is necessary to take into account the geographical location of the jurisdiction, especially the taxation, the possible difficulties in opening a business. Contact our IT - OFFSHORE specialists for advice.

What criteria are important to consider when opening a company:
• Time to create a business, possible difficulties with registration;
• Required minimum capital;
• The time for obtaining a construction permit;
• Ease of doing business between countries;
• Features of the tax system;
• Nuances of obtaining loans in the selected country;
• infrastructure development;
• Features of the company closure procedure.

In total, there are 5 countries where it was the easiest to open a company in 2018 - New Zealand, Singapore, Georgia, Denmark and Hong Kong. In addition, it is possible to distinguish among the most favorable countries for business of the USA, Great Britain, Latvia, Estonia.
TOP - 5 countries for business development

New Zealand

First place in the ranking of the most favorable countries for company registration 2019 is New Zealand. In this jurisdiction, it is relatively easy to register a business, obtain a building permit, register a commercial real estate and get loans.

Main advantages:
• Stable economic situation;
• It does not require large investments for business development;
• Ability to move to a country for permanent residence.

The most profitable areas for doing business in the country is the manufacture of food products, as well as conducting activities in the financial market or in the media.


Another option is to open a company in Singapore. The government of the state pays special attention to the development of infrastructure and the improvement of the educational system.

Advantages of doing business in a jurisdiction:
• Low level of corruption;
• Developed infrastructure;
• Low tax payments on company profits.

The government is developing tax benefits for certain types of businesses. Starting a company is relatively easy, as is obtaining a building permit. Loans are available.


Denmark ranks third in this ranking. The popular areas of business in the jurisdiction are pharmaceuticals, optics, genetic engineering and other industries.

The advantages of doing business in this jurisdiction:
• Stable economic situation;
• Subsidies for certain industries, issuing loans;
• Ability to enter the European market;
• High-quality labor market.

The procedure of registration of the company is relatively quick and easy, you can get a building permit, it is easy to trade with other countries in the country.

Hong Kong

The peculiarity of this jurisdiction is that it is considered friendly to business development. This special area allows access to the Chinese market and the Asian market.

Advantages of company registration:
• Minor accounting requirements;
• The registration procedure is simple;
• Small tax payments;
• Provision of benefits.

In a jurisdiction it is easy to obtain a building permit, to register commercial real estate, in the country you can easily trade between different countries.


The main advantages of starting a business in Georgia are that there are no requirements for the amount of initial capital, registration of a business is a fairly simple procedure.

The advantages of jurisdiction for entrepreneurs:
• Developed economy;
• Access to Asian and European markets;
• Easy registration.

The government of the country supports the business, for entrepreneurs are provided tax benefits.

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