Investment fund in Panama. The most affordable solution for investment.

Investment fund in Panama. The most affordable solution for investment.

Panama is considered one of the countries that provide the best solutions for investing money. The main advantage of creating an investment fund in Panama is adapted laws for foreign investors. So, for citizens who invest their finances, favorable conditions are offered, as well as protection of privacy rights.

Opening Features

The principle of the fund - the separation of assets from previously existing owners and their protection from the encroachment of the founder. There are some features of the foundation, which must be read before the opening.

The main differences in the formation of a fund for investment:

• Registration of legal entity status;
• Identification of tasks in the main document of the organization;
• Designation of the founders, with the name of the owner absent;
• One individual can be a creator, a beneficiary;
• You can engage in business activities in order to achieve the objectives set forth in the declaration;
• Ability to create new organizations;
• Receive royalties, percent.

The creation of such fund is most relevant if there is a threat to the safety of the asset, but there are other tasks for which funds are created. The main ones are ensuring the anonymity of ownership, hiring nominal founders. In addition, funds are created for the purpose of optimal investment of assets.

Foundation creation and its benefits

In the first stage, in order to open an investment fund in Panama, the founder is required to form start-up capital. According to the laws of the country, its smallest value is 10 thousand dollars. But, it is allowed to make it in another currency, in parts.

Subsequently, the name is selected. You want to choose a unique name that is different from the names of other organizations. It must comply with existing rules, not be offensive. Subsequently, an office location is established. The founder is required to register the fund in a special registry, pay a fee and submit the required documentation package.

If you have any questions regarding the execution of documentation, please contact our IT-OFFSHORE specialists for quality advice and legal assistance.

The final stage of creating a fund is obtaining permits. Remember to pay every 12 months of collection. When payment is delayed, there is a risk of charging a fine or deletion from the Registry.

Advantages of registering a fund:

• External revenues are not taxed;
• Contributions are relatively small;
• There is no periodic audit;
• The state does not interfere with the work of the foundation;
• There is no requirement for a recordkeeping language.

The main plus is the confidentiality of data about the owners. In the Register are the names of the founders. The information about the profit, its redistribution is not disclosed.

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