Gambling license Curacao, if there any alternatives

Gambling license Curacao, if there any alternatives

When launching an authorized online casino, it is important not only to choose the right software provider, but also to obtain the appropriate license, which is now mandatory. Official developers work only with licensed sites. In addition, plus the licensing is that such a casino is much better perceived by players who want to bet on trusted and reliable sites.

Features of obtaining a license

There are several types of licenses. The first is an international permit, the second is an internal permit within a certain jurisdiction. Often, opening a casino requires not only its own internal license, but also the corresponding permission from suppliers.

There are many jurisdictions where you can legally conduct a gambling business. When choosing a country where it is planned to obtain a license, it is recommended to consider:
• Respectability of jurisdiction;
• Difficulty in applying for a receipt;
• Amount of payments;
• Features of taxation in the country.

The gambling license itself is a document that is issued by the regulatory authority. Licenses are required for any games with bets. Requirements for a license may vary depending on jurisdiction.

The gambling commission creates a number of rules and conditions so that it is possible to regulate how the organization conducts its own activities. One of the most common requirements for an organization is a positive reputation, providing detailed information about finances and structure, owners and partners.

Requirements for obtaining permission are quite stringent. The main purpose of creating conditions is to exclude the filing of an application by persons who may engage in prohibited activities or do not have the necessary experience or finances to organize this type of activity.

The most common gambling jurisdictions

One of the most popular gambling jurisdictions is Curaçao. It offers the best conditions for time and cost. The registration process usually takes several weeks and can be carried out remotely.

Another popular jurisdiction is Malta. The specifics of obtaining it are that this process is complex and lengthy, all candidates must positively recommend themselves and submit a detailed business plan to prove their viability.

The alternative is the Isle of Man. The application procedure is quite long, and one of the main requirements for candidates is the availability of a sufficient amount of finances, confirmation of a good reputation.

Dear jurisdiction in this area - Antigua and Barbuda. Its main feature is that it is the most expensive. The application procedure may take more than two months, you need to have on your account a sufficient reserve amount.

To consult on the choice of jurisdiction, contact our experts in IT - OFFSHORE. We will answer all your questions and help you collect the necessary documents for obtaining a license.

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