Where one can open an account for business for risky areas

Where one can open an account for business for risky areas

Currently, there is the possibility of opening a payment account for receiving and sending funds, even if the client is engaged in a risky business. There is an option to issue an IBAN in respectable jurisdictions and well-known banks.

Payment system for business with risk

If the company's business is fraught with risk, it is quite difficult to open an account, even if the person has a license to work in this area. In this case, many use payment systems.

One of the systems operates on several continents and offers services for corporate clients as well as financial institutions. The system offers modern banking solutions. The company has already started its work and received permission in different countries.

First, the client receives the account number within the system and for transfers. If necessary, you can request a personal IBAN, in case of compliance with the requirements of the system, the client receives it. The number for the company was available in the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Gibraltar, Belgium, Cyprus, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Malta, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Croatia, etc.

Transfers can take several days. This is due to the fact that the system must comply with the norms of Anti-Money Laundering. In case of any questions specialists request additional documents.
In the process of registering documents, including customer data are checked for compliance with existing laws. For this action is taken fee. The system works with different currencies. If you have any questions regarding work with payment systems, please contact our IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

Features of the opening and maintenance of accounts

When opening an account, you will be required to pay for profile registration, current expenses may arise depending on the type of account and the number of transactions, additional funds will be required for a deposit, a one-time fee. An account for a financial institution is more expensive to maintain than an account for a company.

Current expenses include:
• Monthly maintenance;
• Transfer between accounts within the system;
• Incoming and outgoing payments.

Commission fees may vary depending on the turnover on the account. To open an account, inform our specialists about this, we will help with the collection of documents. After preparing the required papers, you need to pay for the account opening service, and also to pay a one-time fee - its size differs depending on the type of institution. Subsequently, an account must be opened in the system and access to it.

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