Money return ABLV bank - guaranteed refund to depositors

Money return ABLV bank - guaranteed refund to depositors

As we know, in recent times business with banks in Latvia is not going better. So, among the "symptoms" you can pay attention to the complexity of sending payments, as well as the inability to receive them. For example, payments in US dollars can not be made to an account in a bank in Latvia.

Euro is the only international currency with which the banks of Latvia operate. It says that it is possible to open an account in Latvia provided this currency is chosen, and also provided that the client will only perform transactions in the selected currency.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention that opening an account in Latvia is advantageous only if there is no need to make urgent payments. The fact is that the transfer time is 1 day.

We highly recommend not opening an account with Norvik Bank or Rietumu Bank. The situation that has developed in the activities of these banks can lead to their elimination.

Recall that on February 24 this year the liquidation of ABLV Bank began. The background of the current situation emerged when the United States accused ABLV of corruption, and then launched the appropriate sanctions. However, there is a guaranteed refund from ABLV.

We, as IT-OFFSHORE professional specialists, will help to return money from ABLV, and also close bank account in ABLV.

As previously mentioned, the maximum possible refund bar is 100.000 EUR. If the amount is less than the specified bar, then the refund will be complete.

In addition, with our help you can open an account with a European bank in order to
transfer funds from a liquidated bank. By the way, compensation is possible provided that you already have a second open account - that's where the funds will go. The fact is that cash compensation is impossible.

So, thanks to our partners - reliable sources of information - we learned that the Latvian bank ABLV will reimburse the deposits of 23.000 customers in the amount of 480 million EUR.

The decision with reimbursement of individuals and legal entities was made by the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission. Please note that the guarantee for payment of deposits is valid for five years.

If you want to open an account for withdrawing funds from ABLV, you have the opportunity to do this by contacting IT-OFFSHORE's professional specialists.

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