Obtaining a license for brokerage in 2019

Obtaining a license for brokerage in 2019

IT - OFFSHORE provides consulting services, as well as legal support. In particular, assistance is provided to persons in obtaining a license for various types of areas.

Licensing of brokers is a priority. Legal support can be organized in such countries as Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and some others. To get the final list of jurisdictions, you can contact the company's specialists.

Nuances of receiving the document

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements when applying for a license. For more information on the conditions of registration of the document in different countries, you can contact the specialists of IT - OFFSHORE.

What stages of work are performed by experts:
• Assistance in collecting the necessary documents of the applicant for a license;
• Company set-up;
• Assistance in creating a bank account;
• Legal assistance in the process of filing a package of papers;
• Maintenance before obtaining a license;
• Providing advice on taxes, insurance, etc.

Conditions for obtaining a license in a particular jurisdiction can significantly affect the list of services of the company and the list of documents that need to be collected.

General requirements for a license

Features of obtaining licenses in different jurisdictions may vary, however, there are general minimum conditions that must be met in a mandatory manner.

Primary requirements:
• Availability of the minimum authorized capital;
• Availability of the required number of employees based on the conditions of a particular jurisdiction;
• Payment of all fees;
• Conducting activities in the territory of the jurisdiction where the license is obtained;
• Compliance with the resident status requirements.

IT - OFFSHORE provides services for obtaining a license for the Forex in some jurisdictions. The choice of country depends on the objectives, the cost of registration of the license. The cost of the company's services depends on the selected country, the list of papers for filing, type of activity.

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