Open a bank account in Hong Kong 2018 - one of the successful paths!

Open a bank account in Hong Kong 2018 - one of the successful paths!

Now companies can choose international and local Hong Kong banks to open a bank account in Hong Kong in 2018. Hong Kong is traditionally considered one of the most preferable places for conducting international business. It is the financial center of East Asia, the best financial market in the world in 2011, with a reliable banking system and a fairly low tax rate. And the banking sector is not just well developed, it is flourishing. This is evidenced by the fact that at least 70 of the world's largest banks are operating in Hong Kong and opened their head offices here.

Excellent cash management tools, Internet banking, which helps to track the movement of money, trade finance, short-term and long-term loans are the key financial requirements of any enterprise to open of a bank account in Hong Kong.

Opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong is a relatively simple procedure, but only if you contact us for help. However, before opening an account in Hong Kong, it is important to know your banking needs so that the Hong Kong bank can satisfy.

Many Hong Kong banks have a long history, cherish their reputation and their reliability is beyond doubt.

Requirements for opening a corporate account in Hong Kong

To open a corporate account in Hong Kong bank, you need to provide two groups of documentation: with respect to personal information (passport, contacts) and data on the company's activities (office address, business specifics, number of employees, partners, etc.).

In general, the procedure for opening an account may differ, each bank has the right to determine its requirements. For example, sometimes they can request a recommendation from a client of a bank that has cooperated with him for at least three years.

Copies of all submitted documents must be notarized.

Why Hong Kong?

Chinese special administrative region is famous for being able to re-educate an entire generation, thereby putting an end to corruption at all levels. Hong Kong has a reputation as a rapidly developing city.

As one of the world's leading international financial centers, the economy of Hong Kong is characterized by a low level of taxation, free trade in ports and a well-established international financial market.

If you have a desire to open a company bank account in Hong Kong - contact us for help! Our professional specialists will do this for you for saving your time.

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