Open offshore company in Dubai in 2018 - features of the UAE paradise

Open offshore company in Dubai in 2018 - features of the UAE paradise

We offer to open offshore company in Dubai in 2018 and receive full support from us in launching your business. About why the registration offshore in Dubai is one of the profitable tools will be described below - all aspects of registration of offshore company in Dubai, in one of the emirates of the U.A.E.

To open offshore company in Dubai, write or call us - we will answer all your questions and ensure that your firm in the UnitedArabEmirates will be open at the right time.

Dubai offshore company registration is an open opportunity to effectively conduct your internationalbusiness. Offshorecompanies are exempt from taxation in the UnitedArabEmirates and are allowed to openbank accounts both inside the nation and in the world.

In addition, Dubai has the DubaiInternetCity, a global business and tech-community that has more than one thousand six hundred businesses of all sizes, including Fortune500 companies, SME, startups and private entrepreneurs.

It is one of the largest IT regions, where more than sixty business partners, including Fortune500, Master Card, G.E., Qualcomm, EMC and Google, have significantly expanded their activities in the IT region due to the high quality of services provided by D.I.C.. D.I.C. provides knowledge of the economics of the ecosystem, designed to support business development of companies in the field of information and communication technologies.

This is the management of Jebel Ali FreeZone. Registration in Dubai is the most expensive. Perhaps this is because only these companies, registered JAFZA, are allowed to own real estate in Dubai. Even resident companies in Dubai do not have the right to purchase real estate in the emirate, except in cases when there is a special permit / license for this. It is important to note that in the event of the death of one of the founders of such a firm, the inheritance of the deceased's shares occurs in accordance with a court decision rendered in a country whose citizenship was deceased. This avoids the application of sharia law, when the property is distributed in strictly defined shares between the relatives of the deceased. Therefore, if you intend to purchase property in Dubai, seriously think about registering it not for yourself, but for an enterprise in the offshore zone of Dubai, Jebel Ali Free Zone. This is very important information that directly affects your capital.

The U.A.E. government has concluded more than 60 treaties on the avoidance of double taxation, in particular, there is an agreement with Ukraine and Russia. Under certain conditions, a company in the U.A.E. can take advantage of such contracts. To do this, the company must have a tax resident certificate.

The banking sector of the U.A.E. is very stable and developed. Forced to fight for the client, banks provide good service, high technology, numerous products and low maintenance costs.

Key advantages of Dubai offshore registration

There are a number of reasons why entrepreneurs are thinking about opening a Dubai offshore business. In addition to all known common advantages of the absence of taxation and the low cost of annual maintenance.
• The UnitedArabEmirates offers a wide range of banks where you can open a corporate bank account for your offshore company, which is one of the important points to consider. Thanks to this, each company with its own field of activity can choose a bank in the UnitedArabEmirates, which at best meets its requirements.
• In the state one of the main languages is English and all documents - corporate,bankingetc. - are written in English. This is a convenient moment, since there is no language barrier.
• The economy of the UnitedArabEmirates has promising prospects for its development. Hence, the district supports its development, which protects the stability of banking operations and sustainable and strong legislation along with the country's great international image;

Contacting to IT-OFFSHORE specialists simplifies the procedure of opening Dubai offshore company. Let's explain why: in self-registration you need time to study all the nuances. Applying to us as specialists, you will save time: we will not only answer your exciting questions, but also prepare the necessary documents for you and execute the necessary stages of company registration.

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