How to open a personal account in a European bank?

How to open a personal account in a European bank?

Recently, there is a tendency to withdraw capital in foreign banks. Most often, the money is transferred to the EU financial institutions, as the EU banking system is reliable, has a high level of service and is well organized. Not only corporate but also personal accounts can be opened in these banks.

Remote opening of a bank account

IT-OFFSHORE company provides advice and legal assistance to clients who wish to open an account in a European bank. The cost of this service depends on which financial institution and in which country the client was chosen, whether the account is personal or is issued to a legal entity.

One of the ways to create an account is through a branch of the bank, if there is one, without going abroad. To do this, the beneficiary must arrive at the bank branch in his country and submit the necessary package of papers. Subsequently, the person is invited to one of the representative offices of the bank.

Another way to create an account is to open it completely remotely - this option does not imply a conversation with representatives of a financial institution. This option is considered the most difficult - the probability of creating an account without personal presence is quite low. For remote opening you will need to submit papers that are notarized (if an individual opens an account).

Documents must be translated into the language required by the bank. In some situations, you will need to pass a remote interview with a representative of the bank, for example, using Skype.

The advantages of opening an account remotely and the required package of papers

Opening a personal account in a European bank allows you to purchase real estate on the territory of the European Union, as well as use deposit and credit accounts. With the help of an invoice, you can pay rent, utilities, transfer funds. When creating a corporate account, the owner has the opportunity to fully conduct business in the European Union.

What documents may be needed:
• Information about the company's activities, its registration (when opening a corporate account);
• Beneficiary data;
• Personal documents of the owner of the organization.

The most popular banks for opening accounts are in Latvia and Cyprus. However, according to some reports, over time they became less loyal and began to lose popularity among businessmen.

Some of the European banks have Russian-speaking employees in their staff, which may facilitate the use of the account later. In order to get more familiar with the conditions of opening an account and the necessary documents, we recommend contacting IT-OFFSHORE.

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