How to buy a Hong Kong ready made company in 2018?

How to buy a Hong Kong ready made company in 2018?

We often hear about how to incorporate Hong Kong company. Maybe this is really needed information, but it happens that someone needs to just buy Hong Kong ready made company. This is one of the most prestigious jurisdictions, which can provide entrepreneurs with good taxation conditions and open access to the Chinese market.

Hong Kong is the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and at the moment it includes the TOP financial centers in Asia and around the world. Jurisdiction is located on the Kowloon Peninsula, which is washed by the South China Sea from all sides, except the north.
The spirit of Hong Kong is closest to Europe, than to Asia due to the fact that in 1842 the British took over the jurisdiction and since then has been subordinated to the British crown until 1997. It is not surprising that in Hong Kong citizens speak English as the main language.

The autonomy of Hong Kong is valid for another 29 years, according to the British-Chinese declaration. Within the framework of the "One country-two systems" principle during the period, the Chinese government assumes responsibility only for foreign policy and defense of the territory, while the Hong Kong government reserves the right to monitor such issues, from the financial system to the preservation of representation in international events and organizations.

Hong Kong is not an offshore center in the traditional sense of the word, but rather a territory that offers a non-discriminatory system with a low tax.

Entrepreneurs decide to buy a Hong Kong company due to the favorable taxation regime. The tax rate is really low, in comparison with the countries of Europe, but the matter is different - if the money goes beyond the jurisdiction, then there is no taxation.

Buy a Hong Kong company is necessary when it is need to conclude deals with partners from China in a short time. Otherwise, the acquisition of a ready-made Hong Kong company is not always necessary, as the registration of a new one takes place quite quickly.

However, you need to pay attention that data on Hong Kong companies are generally available. Almost anyone who has information about the name of the company can find out the registration date and other data. It is logical to conclude that any potential buyer or partner can decide to verify information about your company before starting to cooperate with it. And the more "old" registration date will be indicated, the more confident you will be felt by the one who makes a deal with your company.

This rule works with banks, because before opening a corporate account, the company checks the information, first of all, paying attention to the age of the bank.

The history of economic success in Hong Kong is inextricably linked with China, although the war in Korea in 1950 was the decisive factor driving the transition from trade to industrial territory.

The victory over corruption in Hong Kong is one of the key scars of the country, which appeared in 1970. At that time in Hong Kong, the production of textiles and other industries was developing rapidly, and the economy was becoming more and more export-oriented. Due to the growth in the production of industry, the quality of life of the population has literally improved before our eyes.

Then the victory over corruption was considered a myth and everybody in Hong Kong really thought that it was impossible to re-educate officials and residents. Despite this, the country proved the opposite.

Offshore registration in Hong Kong

Only statistics gives an impressive look at the economic future of Hong Kong. Although the population of the territory is 7 million people, it nevertheless ranks third in the world in size (after New York and London) - the 9th largest economy and the 11th largest exporter of services. The growth rate for the 30 years preceding the Asian economic crisis in 1997 averaged 7%, which led to GDP growth per capita exceeding the GDP of Britain, Canada and Australia.

As in many countries, confidentiality between clients and their professional advisers and bankers is enshrined in law or codes of conduct issued by professional associations. To understand the practical reality of banking and financial confidentiality in Hong Kong, you need to instead look at the legislation that was introduced to ensure confidentiality in specific circumstances.

HONG KONG SHELF READY MADE COMPANY: what are the requirements?

Corporate entities are governed by the provisions of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance 1984, according to which the territorial corporate law is in accordance with the UK company law.

Offshore in Hong Kong

Despite the rich choice of options for company forms, Hong Kong Private Limited Company is one of the most popular. The Hong Kong Private Limited Company can be organized up to a maximum of fifty shareholders. At the same time, liability is limited to paid-up capital (at least one Hong Kong dollar).

There are important requirements for Hong Kong companies:
• 1 director/shareholder - minimum value
• Only 1 director must be an individual
• Issue of bearer shares is not allowedal
• Must have a Hong Kong resident secretary
• The nominal service is not prohibited

How to buy Hong Kong ready made shelf company in 2018?

Buying Hong Kong ready made shelf company requires time and patience. Turning to us, the whole process looks like this:
• We will provide a list of companies for sale. You need to select at least three you like from the list. This is because while you are approaching the payment procedure, someone can buy.
• Further you need to provide us with detailed information on the structure of the company, its authorized capital, and also send documents of directors and shareholders: a notarized copy of the passport and a document that confirms residence - this is for individuals. In the case when the company includes shareholders or directors in the form of legal entities, corporate documents are needed.
• We are checking the documents received from you.
• After payment on your part, you will receive the documents of your Hog Kong company. With this information on your hands, you can start bargaining on behalf of the company.

If you did not find the information you need, then you have the opportunity to find out by contacting us for a free consultation!

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