How to register a company for ICO in 2018?

How to register a company for ICO in 2018?

The prospects of the cryptocurrency business are becoming so obvious that entrepreneurs are thinking about how to register a company for the ICO in 2018.

The investments in cryptocurrencies - a profitable business. And ICO projects allow you to earn a lot of money in a short period of time. There are many examples where millions of dollars could be collected in 15 minutes of ICO. For example, the Brave project collected almost 30 million dollars during 30 seconds.
We created for you a list of countries where you can register a company for ICO in 2018 with our help.

ICO Malta

How about ICO company registration in Malta? Why a small island of the Mediterranean Sea now in focus of the entrepreneurs? Because the jurisdiction is serious about cryptocurrencies and sees in this the opportunity to take a competitive advantage.

company for ICO

As an example, we can cite the recent news that Malta gives green light to bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in online gambling.

We recommend to register ICO company in Malta. In addition, in the near future, global changes are planned in the Maltese legislation, aimed at state regulation of activities related to cryptocurrencies.

ICO Czech Republic

The CNB advises not to be afraid in published document about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The document begins with the words that in Prague there is a strong community of supporters and users of crypto currency. The city even has a cafe where customers can pay only in the cryptocurrency.

In addition, the real estate agency in the Czech Republic began accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for services. The introduction of the cryptocurrency trend in the Czech Republic is slow.

Therefore, if country is attractive and the ICO project is on your hands, we advise you to register a company in Czech Republic for ICO.

ICO Estonia

What is the advantage of registering a company in Estonia for ICO? The fact that Estonia will continue its plan to become the first country to launch own ICO. And this is not surprising because jurisdictions often bet on innovation in the technology world. E-residence, e-education, e-government and others - all this is typical for e-Estonia.

ICO Switzerland

ICO company

Why you should to consider Swiss ICO company registration? Because Switzerland is in the ensemble of countries that create loyal conditions for blockchain-startups and turnover of cryptocurrencies. It is worth remembering about Crypto Valley - a major global blockchain and a cryptographic technological ecosystem created in Switzerland. In addition, representatives of the state non-profit organization Crypto Valley Association plan to develop a legislative base for the ICO. Do not miss the ICO in Switzerland from the list of options.

ICO United Kingdom

Great Britain is a jurisdiction with high activity in the market of cryptocurrencies. How about registering a company in UK for ICO? This can be a profitable solution for a cryptocurrency entrepreneur. The UK Financial Supervision Authority is loyal to the sphere of financial technologies and sees the cryptocurrency as a useful solution for the country's financial system. In addition, there are several blockchain projects in FSA, which develop financial solutions based on cryptocurrency with the support of the regulator. The loyal attitude of the FSA of the UK works with the ICO.

The list of countries, that support ICO, continues to grow. Do not to miss the opportunity to see the new country in the list, just subscribe to our newsletter! If you have an ICO project, but you have not decided where to register a company for ICO - you have the opportunity to find solution of this situation by contacting our specialists for a free consultation!

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