The choice of the name for the offshore company in 2017

The choice of the name for the offshore company in 2017

The choice of the name for the offshore company is not an easy task. Especially when the question is about company registration that in the future should become recognizable.

To choose the name of an offshore company, there are a lot of simple recommendations. For example, once again look at the name of the company a month after the choice.

However, the choice of the name for offshore company does not end there. For registration in each jurisdiction, there are certain rules in choosing a name, which will be discussed below.

• You can not select a name that already exists, and the selected name can not be similar to other names of registered companies.
• Does the title have an abbreviation? Then it is necessary to expand an abbreviation.
• If you want to use certain confidential information in the company name, you may need to approve and justify the use of this word.
• Your name can not be immoral or offensive in any way and can not disrupt public interest or cause confusion.
• You can use the name of the disbanded company, if you so require.
• If there are foreign words in the name of the company, it must be translated into the language of jurisdiction.

In such jurisdictions as the Seychelles Islands, you can use Chinese characters.
In addition, in some offshore there is a list of prohibited words. They can not be applied as the name of an offshore company. It can be words indicated the status of the company:

• queen
• university
• medicine
Etc. But that is not all. There are the words for which you need to obtain a specific license:
• Bank
• Insurance
• Assurance
• Re-insurance
• Trust
• Savings
• Royal
• Fund Management
• Building Society
• Chartered

Also, names that contain the word "European" will be approved only if there is a valid reference to the company in Europe.

When you are going to register an offshore company in one form or another, it should be indicated at the end of the name.

For example, if you register an offshore company in the form of LP (Limited Partnership), you must specify "LP name" or "Limited Partnership name" in this way. It also works with all legal forms.

name for an offshore company

We hope that this article is understandable for you. We can help you to choose the appropriate company name and, if necessary, obtain the necessary licensing.

Our specialized consultants can help you to get your business name, and also comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory acts to ensure that your name is approved for registration.

For more information on the names available to your company, please contact us.

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