Gambling Alderney License in 2018 - a profitable offer!

Gambling Alderney License in 2018 - a profitable offer!

Alderney is the third largest island of the British Channel. The British Channel Islands are independent coronated jurisdictions. They are not part of the United Kingdom and the European Union. The Channel Islands have become one of the most recognized jurisdictions for offshore financial centers, as well as excellent e-commerce centers. As likely as not Gambling Alderney's license is just as popular.

Gambling Alderney license - about jurisdiction

Alderney is one of the constituent islands of Bailiwick Guernsey, it is located about 12 kilometers from France and 100 kilometers from mainland Britain. It has its own legislation and company laws, and it also operates with the same modern laws on banking, insurance and investment law as Guernsey. The Financial Services Commission of Guernsey is the statutory body responsible for ensuring the proper regulation of the financial industry within the jurisdiction. Alderney is subject to the provisions of the Guernsey tax law.
As a Gambling Alderney license holder, you are allowed to use hosting services and telecommunications networks within the jurisdiction. They offer high-performance connections with the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.

Gambling license Alderney - Gambling Control Commission

Gambling Control Commission (GCC) was founded in 2000 and today has won the reputation of a leader in online gambling. If the main goal – is to maintain the integrity and ensure the fairness of the online gambling in Alderney. The Commission is looking for all aspects of the games that will be delivered in accordance with the high standards in the industry, based on principles. The commission claims that it protects the interests of the player from any kind of the criminal influence.


It is a member of the European Games Regulation and International Association of Game Controllers. GCC cooperates with other law enforcement agencies regarding the rules of gambling and financial crimes prevention. Gambling Alderney License – is considered as a method of several types of games certification. It covers casino, poker, and lottery aspects.

Having a Gambling Alderney license has several economic advantages. Licensed companies for online gambling can claim to be tax-exempt, that is, they do not have to pay income tax, instead, they charge a minimum fixed annual fee that is not related to profits. There is no value added tax or other sales tax on Alderney, and there are also no tax or other duties paid for gambling.

GCC issues four main types of gambling licenses:
• Full license for online gambling
• Associate Certificate
• Hosting certificate
• A license to use e-Gambling with limited usage

Owners of e-Gambling are entitled to carry out any kind of online gambling, as well as bargains, bets and lottery participation.

Obtaining a license for online casino in Alderney

First step:

A multi-stage process, including company registration in Alderney, filing an application and documents. In addition, the business plan will be evaluated. The investigation process also includes a thorough assessment of legal entities, software vendors and managers.

Second step:

As a rule, evaluation and approval of documents is carried out simultaneously. At this stage, outside experts can participate in this process. GCC has the right to establish full control over business operations in the field of gambling. The main problem of management is online player’s protection. In this respect, the commission will investigate the complaints of the players and check the precautions taken to prevent minors from accessing gambling.

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