ING Bank and mBank - convenient, reliable, inexpensive

ING Bank and mBank - convenient, reliable, inexpensive

Today it is difficult to imagine life without banks - we are accustomed to convenience, efficiency, the ability to make payments and receive money without leaving home. And, of course, everyone thinks about what is behind the attractive advertising and promotional offers, whether the bank is stable and reliable.

Poland is a European country where banking services have a very high level. Both Polish and Western banks offer their services to customers: Nordea, Raiffaisen Bank, Deutsche Bank. The most popular Polish banks are PKO Bank Polski, ING Bank, mBank, Bank Zachodni WBK.

For foreign customers who are not citizens of the European Union, it is especially important how loyal the banks are to opening accounts, what banking products they can offer to individuals and companies. Difficulties in opening an account may arise in the absence of a residence permit or Pesel number, the receipt of which causes certain difficulties today. The terms of service and the list of documents for opening an account largely depend on the internal policy of the bank.

However, there are banking institutions where you can open accounts with an international passport (without providing Pesel) or other identity document confirming your place of residence in the country of residence. These include, in particular, ING Bank and mBank, which offer convenient online banking, credit and debit cards, and settlement services.

Both banks have more than 20 years of history - they were founded in the late 80s and occupy leading positions in the Polish banking sector, offering a wide range of operations and services to private and corporate clients.

For individuals, these are debit and credit cards, savings and current accounts, mobile banking, deposits and loans (consumer and mortgage), private capital management.
For legal entities - corporate accounts and transactions on them, guarantees, deposits, credit and debit cards, Internet banking, factoring, insurance, leasing, provision of electronic trading platforms.

Polish banks offer interesting conditions for serving students - this is especially important for residents of the CIS countries, many of whom prefer Polish education. First of all, banks with low tariffs won over the sympathies of young people, especially when it comes to withdrawing cash from an ATM, remittances, and using Internet banking. Polish banks, including mBank and ING Bank, offer advantageous bonus programs, convenient mobile applications, discounts on purchases in internet shops, when paying for various courses - language or driving courses.

ING Bank has an extensive network of branches - more than 400, and about 1000 ATMs located in large cities - Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Katowice, Krakow, and in small towns. The number of branches and ATMs mBank less, but they are also present in the major cities of Poland.

To open accounts for individuals, only a valid passport is required here; A debit card can be issued in Polish zloty, Euros, US dollars, pounds sterling, and in mBank - also in Swiss francs. Accounts can be opened both at the branch office and remotely by selecting the option “send by courier” after filling in the questionnaire on the bank’s website. The procedure of opening an account does not take a lot of time: almost immediately you can get access to Internet banking, or to one of the mobile applications. Issuing a debit card usually takes 3 to 8 days. The card is not necessarily sent to the registration address - you can specify, for example, the address of your office. Convenient Internet banking provides vide opportunities not only for account management, but also in the case of setting limits on the card, setting up mobile payments. Opening an account, courier services, issuing a card are all free.

Польша ING Bank

In ING Bank, you can also withdraw cash at all ATMs in Poland free of charge, send money transfers to other countries via the Internet, and replenish cash cards through ING Bank ATMs. Card maintenance costs 7 zł per month, if the amount of payments is less than 200 zł, if you spend more, the service is not charged. The cost of transfers sent through the branches of the bank, are 9 zł. Similarly, the situation is in mBank, except that the fee for servicing the card is 4 zł, and the cost of transfers is 5 zł within mBank and 8 zł to other banks.

ING Bank also offers Visa and MasterCard credit cards, provided that the salary is no less than 800 zł per person: card issuance and non-cash payments cost 0 zł, grace period is 52 days, credit limit is 500 zł (Visa) or 2,000 zł (MasterCard) up to 20 000 zł. In mBank, the duration of the grace period is 54 days, the credit limit is from 1,500 zł to 20,000 zł, the percentage for exceeding the credit limit is: for Visa - 10.98%, for MasterCard - 10.93%.

The terms of service for companies also is noteworthy - in 2016, mBank was recognized as the best bank for business by Forbes. For young companies, a promotional program is offered, according to which, when opening an account and transferring to ZUS, a total of at least 250 zł, the company receives an additional 600 zł for paying insurance premiums. At the same time account maintenance during the year costs is 0 zł. Attractive conditions are also offered for limited liability companies (up to 12 months). Account servicing during the year is free of charge, 0 zł for cash withdrawals at ATMs of Planet Cach, Euronet, BZW BK SA, 0 zł for payments in ZUS and for 5 mobile payments.

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