Gambling license Сuracao

Gambling license Сuracao

Curacao's gambling license and online games became the main industry for jurisdiction in 2002, when regulation separated online games from the Curacao Gaming Control Board.

Curacao is an old and stable gaming license provider. Jurisdiction regulates games since 1993 and is one of the first jurisdictions regulating this gambling area. Curaçao has recently become as well-known and respectful jurisdiction for online game operators.

One of the main advantages in Curaçao is that there is no VAT in Curaçao, and the corporate income tax rate is only 2%, besides, there is no tax on rates, no import duties, no sales tax (turnover).

Gambling license in the offshore Curacao

Since 2002, Curaçao has been offering a very attractive environment for international online gaming operators, since jurisdiction offers only one type of license that covers all online game products, including casinos, games with skills, and sports bets.

The operator must register a company on the island and have a local administrator. The company will be created as an e-Zone company in order to benefit only from two percent of corporate tax. One of the license requirements for gambling in Curaçao is hosting a minimal backup of the customer database and transactions.

Curaçao offers two types of licenses, Master and Sub-licenses, while both licenses cover gaming operators, the difference is that the main license can offer a sub-license, but the sub-license cannot offer a sub-license. However, in addition, the sub-license has the same rights as the full license for the legitimate exploitation of the gaming business. Only one license is required to cover all game actions.

Curacao Gambling License - Benefits

Gambling license Curacao has interesting advantages. Many gambling operators have decided to make Curaçao their home because of its well-developed tax laws and relatively quick and inexpensive licensing procedures.

Owners of core licenses are allowed to sublicense to anyone. A sub-license comes with all the benefits of a basic license, except for the ability to rent out a sub-license. However, the owner of the primary license is responsible for all actions of all sublicense holders. This should be taken into account when you are about to get a gambling license for Curaçao.

offshore Curacao .

The gambling license of Curaçao is also attractive in terms of simplicity for gambling. Any type of gambling requires only one license. It doesn't matter if you run a casino, bookmaker or website that combines all of this, one license is all you need.

Gambling Curacao license is easier to obtain if you contact us for help. Easier than working with the British Gambling Commission or most other licensing agencies, in which there are several types of licenses, fees that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition to licensing and regulation, Curacao eGaming provides technical and financial support for the online gambling industry. Some of these services include specialized services, private cloud servers, international finance, and assistance with other issues related to launching an online casino.

Gambling Curacao license - disadvantages

The biggest drawback of the Curaçao license is that online casinos with this license are less trusting than casinos with licenses from other jurisdictions.

Of course, there are many safe and respectable gambling in Curacao. This is a safe legal place to create an online casino. However, a license for an online casino in Curaçao is not a quick ticket to trust.

If you have any problems with their licensing or you have any specific questions that are not answered, you can contact us at any time.

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