E-Money License in the Czech Republic

E-Money License in the Czech Republic

The transition from cash transactions to electronic payments is a process that is gaining momentum every day.

The popularity of electronic money is understandable, since their use has several advantages:
anonymity - operations are carried out via the Internet, without disclosing the buyer's personal data: his passport data and identification code;
reliability - a small amount of commission, operations can be carried out around the clock;
accessibility - the possibility of making purchases remotely; to make international payments, currency exchange is not required;
security - no need to carry large amounts of money; personal codes are used for transactions;
convenience - electronic tools do not require exchange, are protected from fakes.

Electronic money is a monetary obligation that is issued by a bank or other financial institution and is stored on electronic media. The client may dispose of digital money after depositing the deposit with ordinary cash.

Electronic money, depending on the type of carrier, exists in the form of an electronic wallet or network money; operations with them are carried out through the operator of the payment system. This type of calculation is extremely convenient for individuals and companies, and not only those whose business is conducted on the Internet. With the growth of e-commerce, such operations become the most relevant.

Оффшоры в Чехии


If you work with electronic currencies or plan to create your electronic payment system, then our offer is for you! IT-OFFSHORE specialists can get you a prestigious European E-Money License in the Czech Republic!

Main advantages:
1) The Czech Republic is a respectable European jurisdiction with an excellent reputation in the business world.
2) The Czech license is highly valued, which guarantees opening an account in a reliable bank.
3) Processing connections on favorable terms.

Small License (SEMI)
The license applies to:
1) acceptance and payments from customers \ clients;
2) processing of electronic money and transfer of funds on behalf of third parties;
3) issue debit cards;
4) the creation of merchant solutions;
5) currency conversion.

Conditions for obtaining:
The cost of obtaining a license is 39 500 EUR.
Share capital is paid optionally. The recommended share capital is 8,000 EUR (25,000 CZK). We strongly advise you to pay such amount, it will be an additional advantage for obtaining a license.

This cost includes:
- company registration;
- preparation and submission of all necessary documents;
- assistance in preparing a Business Plan;
- AML preparation;
- translation of all documents into Czech;
- Payment of state fees and charges.

The cost includes advice on optimizing taxation in the Czech Republic.

Terms of obtaining a license in the Czech Republic are 3.5 - 4 months.

Having such a license, you get a unique opportunity to create your electronic payment system in the prestigious European jurisdiction!

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