Belize, Seychelles and BVI - the advantages of classical offshore

Belize, Seychelles and BVI - the advantages of classical offshore

Classical offshore jurisdictions attract businessmen from all over the world, as they are ready to offer advantages for successful business. Zero taxation rate distinguishes a classic offshore from onshore territories. Companies registered in the offshore are exempt from income tax. Often there are no taxes on dividends, royalties and interest. Examples of successful classic offshore companies are Seychelles, BVI and Belize.

Belize democracy and stability

Belize is a state with reliable banking and financial secret. If you want to conduct a successful business with financial and legal stability, then offshore Belize will be the ideal choice for you.

The main advantages of jurisdiction:

• No taxation for IBC companies.
• No currency control.
• No accounting reports.
• Nominal service.
• Directors and shareholders can have any residency.
• Third parties will not be able to obtain information about the company’s shareholders and the beneficiary.
The firm in the Belize will be an effective tool for your business. There are annual fixed fee payments.

Activities development in Seychelles

If you want to conduct business activities in a developed offshore zone, have reliable funds protection and organize a business structure with minimal taxation, then Seychelles is what you need. The government actively supports offshore business.

There are the following advantages of the island:

• No requirements to the authorized capital.
• Exemption from taxation.
• Political and economic stability.
• Signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation.
• Foreign ownership of capital on a 100% basis.
• High level of infrastructure development.

Organizations registered in offshore are popular in the international financial sector, so this option is always successful.

Offshore jurisdiction BVI

The BVI is considered as successful and prestigious "tax haven", which is in the "white" lists of offshore jurisdictions. Company incorporation takes place in a short time with minimal costs.

The main benefits of company incorporation in the BVI:
• High level of confidentiality.
• Good reputation.
• No currency control.
• Economic and political stability.
• Nominal service.
• Possibility of obtaining a trust or bank license.

Entrepreneurs will be able to find beneficial conditions for doing business, since the BVI legislative framework is positively oriented towards foreign activities.

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