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Which offshore banks offer remote account opening?

Which offshore offer remote account opening?

28. 03. 2016

Recently, it has become increasingly difficult to find a respectable offshore Bank, which remotely opens accounts for citizens of former CIS countries for offshore companies. But we have already found a solution that is ideal for those who want to completely conduct their business offshore.

Our company opens bank accounts in the following jurisdictions:
Antigua and Barbuda from 800 USD
- Global Bank of Commerce
Cook Islands from 600 USD
- Capital Security Bank
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from 600 USD
- Loyal Bank
Mauritius from 900 USD
- Barclays Bank PLC
- Deutsche Bank (Mauritius) Limited
Curacao from 550 USD
- United Bank
Belize (only for citizens of the Russian Federation) from 450 USD
- Atlantic International Bank
You can always check the terms of opening accounts and terms with our employees.

Also, we offer options for registering a company in an offshore + bank account on the islands. The most popular at the moment are the following pairs:
Company in Dominica + account in Antingua
Company in Panama + account in Antigua
Company + account in the Cook Islands
Company + Account + License in Curacao
Company + Account + License in Belize

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