Which European banks open an account in a few days?

Which European banks open an account in a few days?

In this article, we offer you the European banks, ready to provide the details to the current account as soon as possible. Please note that these banks open an account without personal presence (Cyprus, Czech Republic) or without having to visit the central office (Latvia).

Банк Rietumu ЛатвияBank Rietumu (Latvia)

The bank offers the service of accelerated consideration of an application for opening an account - just 48 hours!
There is no need to personally come to submit documents to Riga. Opening an account is possible with a personal visit to a branch or representative office of a bank in your city.

открыть счет в банке КипраEurobank (Cyprus)

Opening an account without personal presence.
For incoming payments, an account can be activated already on the 4th day, and about 5-10 more working days are needed to activate the account for outgoing payments.

Банк Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna (Czech Republic)

Opening an account without personal presence.
The deadline for submitting account details is within 4 days after submission of documents. Account opening period is 8 days.

Also among the main advantages of Česká spořitelna Bank:
1. Loyal to account activity
2. Does not require a contract and invoices for each payment
3. Offers some of the lowest rates in Europe

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