Singapore: the best country for mobile app development

Singapore: the best country for mobile app development

In the world of mobile applications, competition remains fierce. Developers from around the world are looking for places to bring their ideas to life and provide favorable conditions for the growth of their startups. In recent years, Singapore has become a home for mobile app developers from all over the world. And this is not coincidental - the conditions for conducting IT business there are among the most comfortable in Asia. In the Tech in Asia ranking of the top 100 startups in Southeast Asia, about 20 companies are registered in Singapore.

Let's understand why more and more startups and technology companies are choosing Singapore:

Favorable Business Climate

Singapore is renowned for its innovation-friendly environment and active support for startups. Various government programs and financial instruments help young entrepreneurs launch their projects.

Singapore ranks among the top in the world by many criteria - in terms of economic freedom, investor protection, and simplified taxation. The local government follows the principle of maximum support for businesses. Company registration takes just one day, and the corporate income tax rate is only 17%.

Conducive for Testing

Singapore is the ideal place for testing and launching mobile products. The population has a high level of technological literacy and fast mobile internet speeds. Additionally, there are numerous specialized usability testing centers.

Access to the Asian Market

Located right in the heart of this dynamic region, Singapore is an ideal platform for entering the massive markets of Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. These countries show tremendous growth in the mobile segment.

According to various studies, China is the undisputed global leader in the number of mobile game users. The mobile gaming audience in China is estimated to be around 630 million people. For comparison, the United States has about 210 million such users. According to App Annie, by the end of 2020, China accounted for over 25% of global mobile game downloads and 35% of their revenue in app stores.

Thus, Singapore combines favorable conditions for conducting IT business, active support for innovation, and the convenience of launching products in rapidly growing Asian markets. Unsurprisingly an increasing number of mobile startups are eager to develop and scale their applications there.

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