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The best offshore jurisdictions in 2024

The best offshore jurisdictions in 2024

11. 10. 2023

In the world of modern finance, offshore territories play a significant role in investment strategies and asset management. In 2024, four regions are attracting attention from investors and businessmen with their offshore opportunities. These places include Singapore, Gibraltar, the United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong and remain among the most attractive offshore destinations in the global economy.

Singapore: Reliability and Stability

Singapore continues to hold a leading position among offshore markets in 2024. This city-state in Asia is known for its low taxes and high degree of legal protection. The stability and reliability of the Singaporean financial infrastructure attract investors looking to manage international assets with minimal tax obligations.


Key characteristics of Singapore:

  • Stable political and economic situation.
  • Corporate tax in Singapore is one of the lowest in the world, at 17%. For new companies, the first $100,000 of profit is taxed at a 0% rate.
  • Singapore has double taxation avoidance agreements with many countries.
  • Well-developed infrastructure and financial sector.
  • Strict reporting requirements for companies.

Gibraltar: Focus on Technology and Finance

Gibraltar continues to attract investors, especially in the fintech sector. Thanks to tax incentives and a reliable financial infrastructure, Gibraltar remains a key player on the global stage for offshore investments.


Key characteristics of Gibraltar:

  • Corporate tax in Gibraltar is 10%, and for certain types of companies, it can be reduced to 0%.
  • The process of registering an offshore company in Gibraltar is relatively simple and takes 2-3 days. Companies with anonymous shareholders are allowed.
  • Strong protection of owners' privacy.
  • No currency controls.

United Arab Emirates (UAE): Global Business Hub

The UAE, especially Dubai, has become global centers for business and finance. With tax-free zones, attractive investment opportunities, and modern infrastructure, the UAE remains a leader on the global stage for offshore investments in 2024.


Key characteristics of the UAE:

  • Corporate tax in the UAE ranges from 0% to 50% depending on the type of activity and jurisdiction. In free zones, the tax can be 0%.
  • The company registration process in the UAE takes 2 to 5 days, depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Well-developed infrastructure and a business-friendly environment.
  • Political stability in the region.
  • Challenges with property rights protection.

Hong Kong: Asian Financial Giant

Hong Kong remains a leading offshore destination in Asia in 2024. Its free-market economy, low tax rates, and easy access to China's markets make it attractive to investors, especially those planning to do business in the region.


Key characteristics of Hong Kong:

  • Corporate tax in Hong Kong is one of the lowest in the world, at 16.5%. For small companies, the rate is 8.25%.
  • Hong Kong offshore entities are often used for trade, investments in China, and establishing headquarters.
  • Developed financial infrastructure.
  • Legal protection and an independent judicial system.

In conclusion, Singapore, Gibraltar, the United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong remain leaders among offshore territories. Investors and entrepreneurs can find many attractive opportunities in these regions. However, we recommend seeking professional advice from financial consultants at IT-OFFSHORE to ensure compliance with all laws and choose the best option that suits your needs.

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