How to open a business in Switzerland in 2023

How to open a business in Switzerland in 2023

Opening a business in Switzerland in 2023 is available to any foreigner who meets the regulator's requirements. You must open an office in one of the cantons, hire a local director, and present a quality business plan.

The advantages of doing business in Switzerland

  • Political stability and neutrality, create a reliable and predictable environment for business and investment.
  • A recognized financial center. Major banks and financial institutions, the Geneva and Zurich stock exchanges, are located there.
  • Geographical location. Switzerland is in the heart of Europe, which provides access to the markets of the EU and other countries.
  • Innovation and research. Switzerland invests heavily in innovation, and the quality of education is high. This creates a favorable environment for the development and commercialization of start-ups.
  • Qualified workforce. The high level of education and access to specialized technical skills make the country attractive to businesses, especially in sectors that require precise expertise.
  • Quality of life. Switzerland offers an excellent infrastructure, a high level of security, and access to quality medical care and education. It also boasts marvellous nature and multiple attractions.
  • Corporate tax in Switzerland is levied at both the local and federal levels, so the final amount depends on the place of business registration. The basis is the net profit of the company for the year. Organizations based in Switzerland consider the global profit, while non-resident companies pay only for income earned in Switzerland.

How to register a business in Switzerland

Before starting a business, you must choose a canton, apply to the registration authority and provide the necessary documents. Each canton may have some specific requirements and procedures for registration, which you should know in advance.

Types of business

It is also necessary to decide on the form of business registration. The most popular options are:

  • SARL (LLC) - authorized capital from 20 000 CHF. The Registrar needs to be informed of the company's activities, who manages it, and how it is run. Information about the founding directors, shareholders, and their shareholdings are also needed.
  • SA (JSC) - 100,000 CHF, but when registering a company, it is enough to pay half of it. Shareholders are liable for the remaining 50,000 CHF if the company encounters financial difficulties. Unlike SARL, SA shareholders are not entered into the public register, and the change of ownership is easier.

Basic requirements for company registration

Before submitting documents, you must ensure that the company meets the requirements for registering a business in Switzerland in 2023. The basic ones are:

  • The structure must have a local director.
  • The registered office must be located in Switzerland. This can be its own real estate, or rented premises. Our company has a service of providing a nominal address.
  • A detailed business plan which describes the idea, objectives, strategy, market and financial projections.
  • The company can have both Swiss and foreign owners and directors. They must not be under sanctions.
  • An account with a local bank, where the share capital will be deposited.


A number of documents must be prepared for successful registration, including:

  • Articles of Association of the company;
  • Memorandum of Association;
  • Application for registration;
  • A lease agreement or proof of ownership of the premises;
  • Passport data of the founders and directors, etc.

Documents are usually submitted in French or German. If everything is in order, the applicant will receive a registration certificate, which confirms the legal status of the company. Then you must register with the tax authorities and get an identification number.

How to start a business in Switzerland

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