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Anjouan: the most advantageous banking license in 2023

Anjouan: the most advantageous banking license in 2023

06. 10. 2023

The island nation of Anjouan in the Indian Ocean actively attracts foreign business due to its liberal financial regulations. Compared to other jurisdictions, the cost of a financial license here is significantly lower with good development potential. Licensing for banking activities in Anjouan is under the jurisdiction of the Central Bank of the country. To open an offshore bank, you need a minimum capital of $1 million and compliance with the regulator's basic requirements.

The main advantages of a bank in Anjouan:

The main advantages of a banking license in Anjouan are low taxes, confidentiality of bank owners, and simplified regulation. Overall, Anjouan is considered a reliable and stable jurisdiction for offshore business. In addition, the following positive aspects of obtaining a banking license in Anjouan can be highlighted:

  • Low regulatory requirements, with no strict capital and liquidity norms.
  • A straightforward process for obtaining a license for a new owner.
  • The potential for rapid scaling by attracting offshore clients.
  • Tax incentives and exemption from foreign exchange control.
  • Political stability and a safe jurisdiction.


The Anjouan Central Bank license allows for a wide range of banking services for non-residents:

  • Accepting deposits and granting loans.
  • Currency exchange operations.
  • Issuing bank cards.
  • Investment services.
  • Opening accounts for legal entities and individuals.
  • Acting as a nominal holder of assets.
  • Electronic payments and transfers.

How to obtain a banking license:

To obtain a banking license from the Central Bank of Anjouan, you need to prepare the following set of documents:

  • CVs of directors, shareholders, and other bank participants.
  • Certified copies of passports and certificates of no criminal record for all participants.
  • A detailed business plan.
  • Proof of address registration for each participant.
  • Banking recommendations for bank participants.

All documents must be translated into English and notarized. The license is issued for one year, but you can pay for several years upfront. The average payback period is 2-3 years. It's crucial to assess development prospects carefully before purchasing. It's recommended to consult professionals with experience in offshore financial services to ensure a smooth and legal registration of your offshore bank in Anjouan. Therefore, we recommend reaching out to IT-OFFSHORE specialists, who have extensive experience in obtaining banking licenses.

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