Greek Citizenship in 2023

Greek Citizenship in 2023

Greek citizenship in 2023 can be obtained in two ways. The first is to prove that at least one parent was Greek on the day of the applicant's birth. Also, people whose grandparents were born in Greece and had citizenship at birth can apply. Another option is legally living in the country for at least 7 years. For the EU citizens, the period is reduced to 3 years. The applicants must not have a criminal record, never be deported, and meet other conditions.

How to obtain citizenship by descent

Greek citizenship by descent is granted after the applicant presents documents that prove such a right. This can be:

  • The marriage certificate of the parents;
  • Birth certificate of the Greek parent;
  • Birth certificate of a grandparent, which confirms their citizenship.

How to obtain citizenship without having Greek relatives

Persons who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply for Greek citizenship:

  • Age from 18 years old.
  • Did not have a criminal record of 1 year or more during the 10 years that preceded the application. In addition, applicants must not have a criminal record of 6 months or more.
  • The applicant has never been deported from the country.
  • The person who has applied has been legally residing in Greece for 7 years after he/she received the residence permit (3 years for the EU citizens).
  • The applicant must pass a written exam, which includes knowledge of the Greek language, history, geography, and culture. The exam can be taken orally if the applicant is over 62 or can provide a certificate confirming his/her learning disability.

Residence permit in Greece

A residence permit does not entitle one to leave Greece, but one can move freely within its territory, receive medical care, and work legally. Children can study in public schools.

A residence permit in Greece is given to individuals who:

  • Opened a company here;
  • Own real estate, the value of which is not less than €250,000 excluding VAT;
  • Are considered refugees or persons who have been granted subsidiary protection in Greece;
  • Have signed a contract to work with a Greek company;
  • Married legally to a local person (if cohabiting, an additional interview is required);
  • Are studying at the university etc.

Usually, a residence permit is issued for 5 years, after which it can be extended if the applicant meets the necessary conditions. Refugees are granted a residence permit for 3 years. If a person receives a residence permit under the subsidiary protection program, the permit is valid for 1 year.

Documents for obtaining citizenship

After the applicant has successfully passed the examination, he must go to the Office for Foreigners of the Decentralized Administration, to submit such documents:

  • Citizenship application;
  • Color photos;
  • A copy of the residence permit;
  • A certificate confirming the successful passing of the exam;
  • A copy of the passport;
  • A copy of the tax returns for the last 7 years;
  • Additional certificates that prove that the applicant has managed to integrate into the social and economic life of Greece.

To obtain Greek citizenship in 2023, it is essential to get all the documents right the first time. If rejected, the state fee is not refundable, you will have to pay an additional €200 for a second application, which can not be submitted until a year later.

The inspection authorities carefully examine not only the documents. They also check whether the applicant poses a potential danger to the country (e.g., a spy). If there are doubts, an additional interview will be appointed. If the applicant fails to show up, the documents will be rejected.

The information will be published in the official journal if the application is approved. To complete the procedure, one must take the oath of allegiance to the country within a year. 

How to become a Greek citizen quickly and without any problems

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