Financial and Gambling License in Comoro Islands

Financial and Gambling License in Comoro Islands

The Comoro Islands consist of two groups of islands in the Indian Ocean, located off the eastern coast of Africa. Among the Comoros is the tiny island nation of Anjouan, known for its lenient licensing policies. In recent years, this jurisdiction has enacted laws that simplify obtaining financial and gambling licenses.

Anjouan has established a free economic zone offerring significant tax incentives for foreign companies. Additionally, offshore legislation is in place, allowing for the opening of bank accounts and the registration of offshore companies.

Financial licenses in Anjouan are issued by the Anjouan Financial Services Commission (FSCA). The FSCA is the regulatory body that oversees and licenses various types of financial activities within the territory of Anjouan.

Financial License in Anjouan

Anjouan offers multiple kinds of financial licenses to attract foreign companies and investments. Specifically, the FSCA issues the following main types of financial licenses:

  • Banking License
  • Securities Operations License
  • Investment Management License
  • Insurance License
  • Financial Services Provision License

Gambling License in Anjouan

Anjouan is also a favorable location for obtaining licenses for online gambling. Online casino operators and bookmakers must get a license in the Comoros Islands to officially provide online gambling services. The same regulatory body, the Anjouan Financial Services Commission (FSCA), issues licenses for gambling activities in Anjouan. The FSCA gives the following main types of gambling licenses:

  • Casino License (including table games, slots, poker, and more)
  • Online Casino and Sports Betting License
  • Lottery License
  • Bookmaking License

The processing time for a financial license application is approximately three months, while it can take up to six months for a gambling license.

In summary, Anjouan offers favorable conditions for launching a business with moderate regulation. If you are interested in obtaining a financial or gambling license in the Comoros Islands, you can contact the  IT-OFFSHORE experts for assistance.

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