Armenia for IT company in 2023

Armenia for IT company in 2023

Armenia focuses on digital technologies, which account for about 5% of domestic income, so the government supports startups. For example, they have extended benefits for startup businesses until the end of 2023. It includes a 0% profit tax and a 10% income tax rate. There are also other great proposals that make starting an IT company in Armenia in 2023 profitable.

Benefits of Armenia for the IT sector

  • A citizen of another country can wholly own the company without local partners.
  • Fast registration if all documents are properly executed.
  • A startup can be registered remotely by power of attorney.
  • Quick opening of a corporate account.
  • No minimum capital requirement (starting at $1).
  • No state fee for registration renewal.
  • Inactive companies must not pay any taxes or file any returns.
  • No local office is required. Hiring Armenian employees, including directors, secretaries, or accountants is unnecessary.
  • Ability to obtain a residence permit and permanent residence permit and citizenship after 3 years.
  • Inexpensive skilled labor.
  • Foreigners can buy land and own it.
  • Investments are welcomed and encouraged with tax and other incentives.
  • Armenia offers excellent prospects for international business. Armenia is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union and WTO.


IT startups receive tax-free status. It is also granted to global enterprises and businesses registered in the FEZ, industrial zones, some border towns, and villages. Other companies, whose sales turnover is below $290,000 pay a sales tax of 1.5 to 5%.

There is also no tax in Armenia on:

  • capital gains on the sale of real estate, securities;
  • inheritance, gifts;
  • personal capital, etc.

Tax benefits for startups affect locals and foreigners who have registered a business there. They must apply, get a certificate, and start or /continue operations on preferential terms.


Armenia is not a signatory to the CRS automatic exchange of tax data, so confidentiality is high. At the same time the country is not an offshore, and it positively impacts its image in the international arena. Banking secrecy is protected, and its violation is punishable by law.

How to register an IT company

IT company registration in Armenia in 2023 is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Choose an organizational-legal form, e.g., LLC, JSC, a branch, or a subsidiary.
  • Choose a name that is not used anywhere in the country.
  • Choose the legal address (a residential address is acceptable).

To apply for registration at the Agency of state registration of legal entities. Along with the application, you need to submit the charter, the decision of the founders to establish the business in Armenia, the company's tax number, and information about beneficiaries, shareholders, and directors. If you have a fintech company, the application will be sent to the Central Bank, which will issue a license and registration.

How to register an IT company in Armenia

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