Hellenic Bank

Hellenic Bank

Hellenic Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in Cyprus. In 2015, Global Finance Magazine named it as "The Best Bank of the Year in Cyprus", and one year later Hellenic Bank received the award as the best consumer and corporative digital bank of the island. The institution has many more awards, and all of them are based on such criteria as asset growth, strategic relations, business financing, innovations in the offered products. Therefore, the account at Hellenic Bank provides customers with wide opportunities.

Hellenic Bank public company LTD

Hellenic Bank was founded in 1976 with technical support from the multinational corporation Bank of America. Since then, the bank has significantly expanded its operations and successfully survived the financial crisis of 2013. Currently, there are about 70 branches in Cyprus (Hellenic Bank Limassol). Also the bank has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, South Africa, Johannesburg. The bank owns a lot of financial companies.

Hellenic Bank public works with both private and corporate clients. The bank is focused on servicing offshore enterprises. The success of Hellenic Bank is explained by the exemplary service of correspondents, wide range of products and services, using of the latest technologies in information and control systems.

Among them:

• different types of accounts;
• crediting;
• deposits;
• debit and credit cards;
• insurance;
• personal services (Hellenic net banking personal);
• factoring;
• brokerage services;
• portfolio management;
• investments;
• mutual funds;
• treasury services;
• custodian services (securities storage);
• Internet site allowing to find locations of Hellenic offices.

A full list of services is available at You can also obtain remote access for banking products, learn about Hellenic Bank SWIFT and other bank details.

Remote services

Through Internet banking or mobile phone, one can follow the status of the account, manage money, conduct various commercial transactions. Web-banking can be used both for personal purposes, and corporate, for example, for retail trading (Hellenic net banking for retail).

In 2014, the banking magazine Global Finance named Hellenic Bank as the best online banking service in Cyprus in the category of "Consumer and corporate institutions". The web banking service provides reliable, uninterrupted information and transaction services, available around the clock in real time, 365 days a year. One can manage Hellenic web banking from anywhere in the world, where there is access to the Internet.

The customers of Hellenic Bank LTD are provided with free service "Net Secure" for additional security. Thanks it, you do not need to enter your card details (number, expiration date) on the site where it was decided to make a purchase. The Net Secure service provides a virtual number and action term that is valid for only one transaction. The amount of money transfer, currency, as well as the validity period of this virtual number is determined by the user in order to provide full control and maximum security. After the purchase is completed using "Net Secure", the virtual number is canceled and becomes invalid. At the same time, money is debited from a real card, which was chosen by the user for payment. Therefore, since the data of the real Hellenic Bank public limited card do not appear anywhere, it can not be carried over.

How to open an account in Cyprus

You can open an account in Hellenic Bank Cyprus without personal visit. Our specialists will help you to prepare all necessary papers, fill out the documents correctly, arrange a meeting with the bank employee. The bank makes a positive or negative decision within 10 days. The latter option is possible if there was found inaccurate information.


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