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Citadele banka

The Latvian "Citadele banka" is the sixth by the volume of assets in the country and the third by the number of clients. The bank shows stable growth and only in 2015 its net profit in euro exceeded 31 million euros. Therefore, opening an account with Citadele bank means making the right choice.

Bank Citadele LV

Citadel Bank appeared in 2010 as a result of the restructuring of Parex Banka. It was done to avoid the bankruptcy of one of the largest banks in the country. In 2008, this institution was nationalized by the state, and some time later two institutions were appeared - the same-name Parex Bank and Citadele banka. The first remains the troubled assets, the rest received a new bank. A year later, Citadel paid the money on the deposits of the bankrupt Savings Bank of Latvia, and in 2013 the assets of the ruined GE Money Bank were transferred here.

The restructuring plan initially provided that the state will sell its part.

As a result, in 2015 the new owner of the bank was the private American joint-stock company Ripplewood Advisors LLC, which currently owns 75% +1 share. The rest is managed by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. It is interesting that the fate of the bank decided only one vote: Russian billionaire Shefler wanted to buy Citadele bank.

Bank offers

The main office of Citadele is in Riga. The bank branches are opened in 44 cities of Latvia, as well as Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine and a number of other countries. The structure of the Citadel includes 19 subsidiaries operating in different segments of the market. Pension fund, insurance company, real estate company are among them.

The Bank offers various banking products to clients. Among them:

• Opening and maintenance of the current account, credit cards.
• Deposits for individuals and legal entities.
• Loans for individuals and businesses.
• Asset Management.
• Factoring.
• Internet banking in Russian, English.
• Leasing.
• Insurance.
• Transactions related with securities.

Citadel Bank is the only institution that issues credit cards, payment cards, American Express travel checks in Lithuania and Latvia.
Internet banking

The bank pays special attention to the development of Internet banking. With the help of Citadele online banking, a customer can manage his money around the clock, no matter where he is. Among the services – are check balance, payment history, view account activity, money transferring inside and outside the state, currency conversion. If necessary, one user can manage the accounts of several people, which is an additional agreement. The client can also receive a report on financial transactions related to his money, for any period, send a message or question to customer support and much more.

Citadele internet bank customer can not be afraid for his money, as the bank pays great attention to this moment. To this end, a multi-level security structure was created.

Bank account opening in Citadel Bank

Money in Bank Citadele LV can be stored in euros, dollars, rubles. To this end, the company must provide:

• originals and copies of company documents, seal;
• information about the company;
• actual address of the company;
• confirmation of the legality of money;
• for non-residents - the original paper certifying the existence of a bank account in the home country of the person who will manage the money;
• documents that certify the identity of the account manager.

This list is not final, and if necessary, the bank may need additional information. It takes about 10 days to open an account. Our company will help you to open an account in Citadel Bank and save time on this procedure.