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Choice Bank

Offshore Choice Bank Limited is the largest international bank in Belize, with total assets exceeding $ 231 million. The bank provides financial services to companies and individuals with high income, including serving of non-residents. Experienced employees, strategic partners, and the latest banking technologies allow the bank to provide high quality services to the clients.

About the Bank

Choice Bank Limited has a Class A license allowing to work with non-residents of the country. There are no restrictions on currency exchange. In other words, all foreign money can be freely transferred without transfer to the Belize currency. The bank guarantees complete confidentiality, which means that the real names of the directors and owners of the firm will remain undisclosed for the tax services and other controlling bodies of other countries. The cases of criminal activity are exception.

The bank offers the clients a full range of financial services, including options aimed at increasing the client's income. The client of Choice bank limited Payoneer can:

• open corporate and personal accounts;
• open multi-currency accounts in American and Canadian dollars, British pounds, euros;
• receive debit cards that make it easy to pay for services and goods around the world;
• conduct and receive local and international payments, the ability of its tracking;
• open and close the deposit (minimum amount of the deposit is from 50 thousand dollars);
• remotely manage the account through Internet banking and telephone;
• to conclude forward contracts;
• conduct trading operations both in major currencies of the world;
• obtain insurance, investment services, merchant services.

Choice Bank Limited operates corporate and trust services through subsidiary Choice Trust Ltd. It specializes in various offshore activities, including helping in international company’s registration, offers management and asset protection. Among the advantages - the lack of the need to pay local taxes, it is possible one director and shareholder in the company. The services of Choice Trust Ltd can be used for investment holding, shares purchase, asset leasing, commercial trade, etc.

How to open an account

Personal visit to the bank is not necessary for bank account opening. We will help you quickly open an account in Choice Bank Limited. To do this, you need to collect documents, translate the papers into English, notarize. Our specialists will advise you how to properly fill out the paper so that the bank's employee does not have additional questions. Then we send the documents to the main office of the bank. The bank studies the documents about two weeks.