ABC Banking Corporation

ABC Banking Corporation

If you are looking for convenient, easy-to-use offshore bank, ABC Banking Corporation in Mauritius is a convenient option for you. You can open a corporate account here, regardless of where the company is registered, and personal visit to the bank is not necessary. The main advantage of ABC Banking Corporation is that it quickly handles international payments compared with other banks.

About the Bank

ABC Banking Corporation appeared in 2010 as a result of ABC Finance and Leasing transformation, whose history began in the 30s. last century. At first it was an institution engaged in trade, which in the 70's. expanded its activities through the automotive industry. In 1985, the company first became the official distributor of Nissan in Mauritius, began to produce buses.

After that, ABC Group brought the business to a new level, drawing attention to the financial sector. So several companies appeared, one of which, ABC Finance and Leasing transformed into a full-fledged bank and currently is only company in Mauritius that managed to do this.


In 2011, ABC launched the international service of the MasterCard debit card and the ability to manage accounts remotely via Internet banking. Since then, the bank has been actively developing, providing clients with various financial services in the domestic and international markets. Among them:

• savings and current, personal and corporate accounts;
• fixed deposits, demand deposits, short-term fixed and floating deposits;
• various types of loans: consumer, educational;
• multicurrency credit line;
• debit cards;
• favorable exchange rate (ABC Bank exchange rate);
• leasing of vehicles, corporate leasing;
• trade finance;
• bank transfers and payments;
• cash and investments management;
• management of risks;
• currency conversion and e-banking services;
• investment and trade services of treasury securities.

ABC Banking Corporation offers its customers remote access services through Internet banking. One can make various payments, money transfers, open / close accounts, order loans, etc. The system is reliably protected from hacking, so the user can not worry about the intrusion of intruders.

How to open an account

Personal visit to the bank is not required for bank account opening in ABC Banking Corporation. We will help you quickly collect all necessary documents, fill correctly and send to the bank. In the presence of all documents, this process takes no more than 24 hours from the receipt of securities to the central office of the bank.


+44 (203) 769-29-01

Hanauer Landstr. 126 - 128,


+38 (044) 339-56-11

Museum lane., 4, 01001,
Business center "Europe"


+44 (203) 769-29-01

Randla tn 13-201, 10315

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