Serbia for IT person: the main advantages

Serbia for IT person: the main advantages

Serbia is a very perspective country for IT activities. It is slowly but surely coming out of the economic crisis provoked by the Balkan wars of the 1990s, and the IT market plays an important role here. Studies show that 10% of the gross product of the country is created with the help of information technology. Not surprisingly, Serbia is actively developing in this direction, and creates excellent conditions for IT specialists, attracting them with various privileges.

Opportunity to get a residence permit

An IT person who officially works in Serbia, as well as his/her family, can obtain a residence permit in Serbia. The permit allows the foreigner to officially live in the country, rent an apartment, open a bank account, take a loan, study, receive quality medical services. After a few years you can raise the question of obtaining citizenship.

Great choice of jobs for IT specialists

The country has many branches of European and American companies, including:

  • Cisco;
  • Ericsson;
  • IBM;
  • INTEL;
  • Microsoft;
  • Oracle;
  • Redhat;
  • Siemens;
  • T-Mobile.

There is a Serbian IT company, 7 Bridges, which specializes in DNA decoding. The STP Belgrade Technopark project, which is analogous to Skolkovo, is also actively developing here.


Many Serbs speak English very well, they often use it in business life, so you can communicate with other IT people without any problems. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for the fact that there are people among Serbs who do not know English, so you will have to learn Serbian. Fortunately, knowing Ukrainian or Russian, it is not difficult.

Low taxes

In order to encourage IT activity in Serbia, the government offers a low corporate tax of 3%. Besides, in 2022, companies that started hiring high-paid foreign workers are compensated for personal income tax and pension deductions.

Qualified employees

Serbia pays special attention to educating IT workers, graduating young professionals every year. Nevertheless, the market is in great need of IT specialists, and there are more vacancies than references, so there are many to choose from.

Inexpensive life

Prices for food don't differ much from Ukrainian, but the utilities are much higher. Large IT companies in Serbia offer employees an excellent social package, which can include moving, renting a house, insurance, payment for breakfast and lunch. But if you are going to pay for everything yourself, look carefully at the prices of rent, transportation, internet, etc. This will help you figure out if the salary is right for you.

Convenient geographic location

Serbia is not a member of the EU, but to get to Europe is not a problem. Holder of a residence permit in Serbia can travel without problems in the Schengen area. In an hour and a half you can fly to Bucharest, Prague, Munich, Athens. It takes a little longer to get to Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. Serbia has no access to the sea, but the border with Montenegro is crossed quickly, so it does not take long to get there.

Comfortable time zone

Serbia lives in the same time zone as EU countries, what allows for easy cooperation with IT specialists from other European countries and quick solving of working issues.


Serbia is characterized by stable political and economic situation, high security. Returning home late at night, you can not worry about money in your backpack.

How to go to Serbia for work

If you want to get a residence permit to work in Serbia, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts.

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