Netherlands: buy a ready-made company with a bank account in 2023

Netherlands: buy a ready-made company with a bank account in 2023

Starting a new business in the Netherlands is difficult because the process involves many steps. First, you must deposit the registered capital, come up with a name and check its uniqueness. You must also draw up the founding documents, go through the two-step registration process, and wait for the regulator's decision. All this requires time, money, and hassle. An alternative is to buy a ready-made company with an open account in the Netherlands in 2023.

The advantages of the Netherlands for business

The Netherlands has one of the most developed economies in the world, boasting a first-class infrastructure and a prime location in continental Europe. The kingdom also includes self-governing offshore state entities in the Caribbean - Curaçao, St. Martin, Aruba, etc.

The country is a base for European, American, and Asian companies that seek to establish their presence in the European Union. And it is not surprising, because the Netherlands has access to one of the most lucrative markets in the world.

Other advantages of buying a company in the Netherlands include the following:

  • Competitive tax rates aimed at encouraging foreign investment.
  • Active business support also creates a favorable ground for development.
  • The standard corporate tax rate is 25.8%, but for companies whose income is below €395,000, it is 15%.
  • Opportunity to get a tax deduction.

The Dutch government has a positive attitude towards technological innovation, so it is a great place for startups. In addition, the kingdom is actively involved in international programs aimed at introducing modern approaches to business.

An undeniable advantage of the country is a developed financial sector based on modern legislation, which provides a stable business climate.

How to buy a ready-made business in the Netherlands

Most businesses that sell in the Netherlands are limited liability companies (LLCs). It can be either a shelf company created for selling or a company that has been in the market for a long time. In the first case, you can take it without fear of encountering a black history, unfulfilled obligations, or loans. But thoroughly check it in the second case.

A foreigner can buy a ready-made business in the Netherlands with a bank account and share capital. However, before such a company starts working, you must make changes in the Commercial Register. Furthermore, if the business is required to receive the licenses, must be reissued after the purchase.

When buying a ready-made business one must take into account these points:

  • The company has a valid certificate of registration.
  • The articles of association and memorandum are drafted, but they need to be changed.
  • The business is registered in the Commercial Register and has a registered legal address.
  • The organization is already registered for tax purposes and has a taxpayer number.
  • The company has a bank account, so there is no need to take care of its registration.

The sales procedure is quick, and it only takes one day. First, it is necessary to provide the notary with the documents of the people who buy and sell the company, and then sign the prepared documents.

After that, the ready-made company with an open account in the Netherlands can be re-registered in 2023. The new owner and other shareholders can change:

  • names of owners, shareholders, and directors;
  • the name of the business;
  • registered office;
  • share capital.

Send all changes to the Registry of Companies. If the purchased business is less than one year old, it mus obtain a certificate of no objection to the sale from the Ministry of Justice. When the certificate is ready, you can apply for tax benefits.

How to buy a Netherlands company

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