How to get a residence permit in Slovakia

How to get a residence permit in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. Due to its success,the state needs investors and manpower. This means that promising businesses can easily obtain a residence permit in Slovakia in 2022. Non-residents must be interested in the country because average income and wages are on par with Poland and the Czech Republic but competition is lower. A residence permit gives access to the EU market. One can apply for Slovakian citizenship 5 years after issuing residence permit.

Where to apply for a residence permit

You may apply for a residence permit abroad at a Slovakian embassy. If the person already lives in Slovakia, it is necessary to apply to the local branch of the migration police.

Documents for residence permit

To obtain a residence permit in Slovakia you need the following documents:

  • Application.
  • A receipt of payment for services.
  • A document that proves the purpose of stay, e.g., company registration, an invitation to work, marriage or birth certificate for a family reunion, etc.
  • Passport and its copy.
  • Document of renting accommodation in Slovakia or ownership proof.
  • A certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record.
  • Bank statement confirming financial security.

All documents received abroad should be certified by a consul and should have an apostille.

Receipt of payment for the service

The fee depends on the work you plan to do. For example, if you plan to be self-employed, you must pay €232. If you intend to do seasonal work, you must pay €33. You will also need to get a receipt, which confirms the payment. Our representatives can tell you more details after considering your case.

Criminal Record Certificate

This paper should be taken from the country of citizenship of the applicant. If he/she has been in a foreign country for 90 consecutive days within the last 3 years, a certificate from that country is also necessary.

Proof of wealth

The applicant must have a certain amount in the account, which is calculated from the subsistence minimum of €234.42 per month. It should be taken into account how long a person plans to live in Slovakia.

If the period exceeds 1 year, the amount must not be less than €2813.04 with minor exceptions:

  • If an entrepreneur receives a residence permit, the account must have an amount equal to 20 times the subsistence minimum, or €4688.4.
  • If the residence permit is taken by a director of a trading company, €234.42 must be multiplied by 100.

How long does the application process take

The Migration Police answer within 1-3 months, depending on the purpose. The expedited procedure considers applications from businesspeople, students, scholars, scientists, seasonal workers, and employees urgently needed by local businesses.

What to do after receiving a residence permit

A foreigner must come to Slovakia within 6 months after having obtained a residence permit. If they already live in Slovakia or when they arrive, they must:

  • Conclude a health insurance contract within 3 working days. It must be brought to the office of the Migration Police within a month.
  • Get a certificate confirming the absence of any dangerous diseases. It can be obtained only in the clinic, which is listed on the Migration Police website.

Extension of residence permit for business

To renew the residence permit, the entrepreneur must present proof that the company had paid at least €4688.4 in tax during the last tax year. If the company did not work, the amount of tax must not be less than €468.84 for each month of your stay in the country for the previous tax year.

How to get a residence permit in Slovakia

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