Company opening in Serbia 2021

Company opening in Serbia 2021

Opening a company in Serbia in 2021 takes on average about 2 months. It is possible to buy a ready-made company in Serbia or to start registration from scratch. To clarify in more detail the nuances of doing business in this country, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

The advantages of opening a company in Serbia

Registering a company in Serbia in 2021 is relevant, as there is an opportunity to enter the European market, electricity, and fuel costs are relatively low. The state is stable politically and economically. The government creates good conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, and it is possible to use cash subsidies.

Main advantages:

  • There are branches of well-known international banks;
  • The labor force is comparatively cheap;
  • There are many niches for the development of entrepreneurship;
  • It is possible to work in FEZ, using additional privileges;
  • The country is geographically advantageous.

The corporate tax rate for starting a company in Serbia is 15%, the rate for dividends is 15%. There is a possibility of tax deductions.

Nuances of registration

The most popular legal form for a company in Serbia is LLC or DOO. Liability is limited to the share in the share capital. The smallest authorized capital is from 1 euro. Any citizen of any country and foreign legal entity can register a company. The firm must have at least one director.

Both registration of legal address within the country and availability of office (virtual office can be used) are required. Company registration can be done in person or remotely. If there is no possibility to collect documents for a long time to open a business, you can buy a ready-made company in Serbia.

What information is needed for registration:

  • Information about the owner - an individual or a legal entity;
  • For legal entities it is required to provide an extract from the register, address of registration, information about the directors, etc;
  • The legal address;
  • Description of the planned work.

The documents are translated into Serbian and certified. The period of registration may vary depending on how quickly the package of documents was collected, whether there was a need to submit additional/clarified data or not.

Popular fields

One popular field is tourism. This field is actively developing in Serbia. The construction industry is advantageous because it is possible to get subsidies and state support under a special program.

Agriculture is actively developing. Various crops - vegetables, fruits, cereals - are in demand. Energy production is being established. Such spheres as the furniture industry, production of medicines, mechanical engineering are in demand in the country.

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