Offshore for working with bitcoin

Offshore for working with bitcoin

Digital currency activity is a high-risk type, and it can be difficult to find an offshore company for bitcoin. However, opening a company in offshore is in demand because cryptocurrency wallets are not tied to a specific country, asset transactions are not subject to regulation, and ICO income is not taxed everywhere.

Peculiarities of bitcoin application in offshore

Offshore for cryptocurrency activities is used to reduce tax expenditures, ensure anonymity and protect your capital. Offshore is optimal for tax planning, as in many countries such transactions are not subject to taxation. In addition, a number of countries have other privileges to attract offshore cryptocurrency activities.

What purposes a cryptocurrency company is used for:

  • Acquiring cryptocurrency;
  • Mining and generating coins;
  • Performing initial coin offerings.

Offshore is used to maximize the benefits of the business to reduce taxation on income. Cryptocurrency companies can be registered in most tax-free countries. If necessary, a brokerage or investment license can be obtained.

Top countries for crypto business

When choosing a country, it is important to consider a number of nuances. It is required that the country recognizes bitcoins and other digital currencies. It is necessary to get acquainted with the rules regarding cryptocurrency transactions in advance. You should also clarify what type of license the company will need to obtain and what requirements the regulators put forward. Contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE to clarify the nuances of opening a cryptocurrency business in more detail.


Malta for cryptocurrency business is particularly attractive.There is no special legislative act that establishes the financial requirements for transactions with CFA. The status of the participants of the transaction and the nature of the transaction are both taken into account. The income received by a resident of Malta from the sale of cryptocurrency is determined by the same norms as the normal exchange of fiat currency.


Georgia has been a leader in mining for a long time. Georgia for cryptocurrency business attracts businesspeople with its low electricity costs, absence of a number of legislative restrictions and tax benefits, as well as ensuring anonymity.


The jurisdiction has a favorable investment climate. Opening an account in any of the banks in Switzerland, both personal and corporate, is the status of a favorable position of the owner. It is most relevant to work with cryptocurrencies in the canton of Zug, where there is minimal taxation and a positive attitude to this type of currency.


Currently, this country is the most attractive for the ICO. The Securities and Investments Commission issued guidance on ICOs. A number of legislative relaxations have been introduced, according to which foreign project initiators have the right to perform ICOs and work legally without a license on a temporary basis.


The regulation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is currently incomplete. This island state is popular among organizers of fintech companies using blockchain technology.

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