Cryptocurrency license in Croatia: how to get it in 2022

Cryptocurrency license in Croatia: how to get it in 2022

Tokens are popular in Croatia. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges, and stores are increasingly accepting digital assets. For example, Konzum, one of the largest retail networks in the country, has made it possible to pay with ICOs. For now, transactions are only available in the online store, but the company plans to introduce this service in its supermarkets soon. Therefore, it is not surprising that Croatia attracts the attention of the crypto business, and many are wondering how to get a cryptocurrency license in Croatia in 2022.

What's the benefit of a Croatian license

Digital assets are not an official means of payment for goods and services in Croatia, but they can be paid for if the seller agrees to take the tokens. Virtual assets can easily be exchanged for fiat money or put into circulation.

A big plus is that a cryptocurrency company may not report all cryptocurrency transactions: they are not taxed. Income can be declared when tokens are transferred to local money and end up in a bank account. For the amount that ends up in the account, you have to pay a tax of 12%.

Other advantages of Croatian cryptolicense:

  • A cryptocurrency company registered in Croatia gets access to all EU countries;
  • An organization that has obtained a Croatian cryptolicense is trusted, so not only small but also large companies work with it;
  • Thorough verification of each cryptocompany gives users confidence in its work, and they are more willing to trust it with money.

Cryptolicense in Croatia

The popularity of cryptocurrency in the Balkans has triggered a spike in fraud. To stop it, a law was introduced in January 2020, according to which all companies that exchange tokens and provide services for storing them in virtual wallets, must be verified and approved.

How to get a cryptolicense: step-by-step instructions

To get a cryptolicense in Croatia in 2022, you must first register a company. Requirements:

  • The amount of share capital is €2700, there are no turnover requirements;
  • Among the directors, there must be a citizen of one of the EU countries, who has experience in finance;
  • The legal address must be in Croatia;
  • The income of local the director must be at least €800;
  • There must be an anti-money laundering officer on staff;
  • Provide a certificate of criminal record of directors, owners of the company;
  • To get cryptolicense, you must be authorized by Hanfa (Croatian Agency for the Supervision of Financial Services). It is necessary to provide the whole package of documents required by the regulator. The papers will be carefully checked, withholding information is a reason not to issue a license.

How to get a cryptolicense in Croatia quickly

To get a license for crypto business development in Croatia in 2022, contact IT-OFFSHORE specialists and we will help you.

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