Brokerage in Poland in 2021

Brokerage in Poland in 2021

Conducting brokerage activities in Poland in 2021 involves the legal entity acting as an intermediary in exchanges in case of buying a business, etc. The organization receives a commission for a particular service. Their size varies depending on the amount of the transaction.

Nuances of registration

To start working, it is required to obtain a brokerage license in Poland in 2021. It is necessary to choose the type of company beforehand. To clarify in more detail the nuances of registration, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Basic types:

  • A company that specializes in trading in the foreign exchange market, buying and selling securities and metals;
  • An organization that sends goods across borders and handles documentation for customs;
  • An intermediary between the financial institution and the borrower, offers the most appropriate way of lending;
  • A firm providing insurance services;
  • A company engaged in the sale or lease of real estate assets.

Any type of brokerage work has its own nuances. To provide services, a special permit is required. In Poland, the work of such companies is based on the legal framework of the country.

Basic requirements

In order to start the business, it is necessary to establish a legal form - the most suitable are LLC or JSC. An address in Poland is required. The authorized capital may vary depending on the type of brokerage activity. The person who has the status of a manager must have the appropriate knowledge.

What documents are required:

  • Articles of incorporation and residency information;
  • Samples with signatures;
  • Proof of legal address;
  • Distribution of share capital data;
  • Business development strategy;
  • Plan for setting up the organization;
  • Terms of operation;
  • Contacts.

All documents must be submitted in Polish. Some information must be notarized. Registration of the company in the territory is beneficial, as the country is a member of the EU, it provides favorable conditions for work.

To get brokerage services license, it is required to submit an application to KNF. You need to fill out an application form in advance and collects a package of documents. It does not differ much from the list of documents for company registration, but it is necessary to prove the registration of the brokerage company. To start full-fledged work, it is necessary to open an account for the company and to make a quality website with detailed information.

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