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UAE citizenship in 2023

Obtaining UAE citizenship in 2023 year

20. 01. 2023

Foreign investors are increasingly interested in obtaining UAE citizenship in 2023. They are attracted not only by the high quality of life. A company registered within the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) can be fully owned by a foreigner. They get full exemption from corporate tax, on income, dividends, may not pay export and import duties.

Businesses registered in the FEZ have free access to ports and airports. There are quite a few other advantages. The only thing is that it is not easy to get a UAE passport, because the authorities are afraid of losing the national identity. Nevertheless, it is possible.

UAE passport through family ties

It is possible to get a UAE passport through family ties:

  • Being married to an emirati, if the marriage lasted at least 7 years, the couple had at least one child. If the couple was childless, they must have been married for at least ten years.
  • A child born in the Emirates, whose father or mother (or both) are citizens of the country, gets the status automatically. A child born abroad can apply for a passport after the age of 18 if the father is an Emirati; the mother is an Emirati; the father is unknown or stateless. 

A child born in the Emirates will not receive status if their parents are citizens of other countries. The only exception is for foundlings whose origins are unknown.

What should other persons do?

To become a citizen of the UAE, you need to live here for more than 30 years. In other cases the situation is more complicated. Before 2021 there was no such possibility at all (with a few exceptions). 

Now the authorities have revised their position, and if certain criteria are met, UAE citizenship can be obtained in 2023:

  • Scientists who have professional experience of 10 years or more, international awards.
  • Doctors and other scientists with ten years of experience. They must be a member of a well-known scientific organization. When applying, you must give a reasoned account of your accomplishments.
  • Investors. Clear criteria have not yet been established, but preference is given to businesspeople who have a long-term visa, make large investments in real estate or the country's economy. 

The procedure for obtaining a UAE passport is a very long process, which can take months and years. The application is considered by different structures. Decision of the Executive Council of Rulers, courts of crown princes, the Cabinet of Ministers is decisive.

What to do while waiting for a passport

While waiting for your passport you can get a Dubai Golden Visa, which allows investors and prospective foreigners to live, work and study in the country for 10 years. 

Golden visa is given for an investment of 10 million dirhams in the local investment fund. An alternative option is to create a company with the minimum registered capital of not less than 10 million dirhams. This money must not be credit money.

If such money is not available, you can get a visa the same categories that are given to citizenship: scientists, doctors, inventors, creative people, their families. It is obligatory to show a work permit.

How to get a UAE passport quickly

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