Business registration in Poland for a foreigner in 2023

Business registration in Poland for a foreigner in 2023

Company registration in Poland in 2023 is available to Polish and non-Polish citizens. The easiest way to open a company is for residents of countries of the EU or EEA. In contrast, citizens of other countries need to collect many certificates.

Who can open a business in Poland

Non-residents can open a business in Poland, if they meet specific requirements. Many things depend on the country of residency. For example, if a Czech wants to move in Poland and open a notary's office, he can only do it with Polish citizenship and proof of qualifications.

For EU and EEA citizens

Citizens of the EU and EEA can open a sole proprietorship, a branch office, or a partnership, and provide cross-border services without problems. They do not have to register their business in Poland if they have a company in another EU/EEA country.

For Swiss and US citizens

The US and Swiss citizens can set up a sole proprietorship, a branch, a representative office or register a company from scratch. The limitation is that they cannot provide cross-border services.

For residents of other countries

Residents of third countries can form any form of legal entity in Poland if they have any of the following

  • A residence permit issued to an entrepreneur based on CEIDG entry;
  • Residence permit issued due to family connection or for education purposes;
  • Residence permit of a long-term resident of the EU;
  • Refugee status;
  • Additional protection;
  • Temporary protection;
  • Residence permit for humanitarian reasons;
  • Residence permit and marriage to a Polish citizen who resides in Poland;
  • A valid Pole's card;
  • Proof that their spouse, child, dependant, or parent is an EU citizen.

If a foreigner does not meet the requirements, he cannot open a sole proprietorship, a general partnership or a partnership. But he can form:

  • LLC;
  • Limited Partnership;
  • JSC;
  • Limited Joint-Stock Partnership;
  • Branch Office.

Any non-resident may join existing companies by purchasing their shares. The exception is a business that deals with real estate. In this case, it is first necessary to take a special permit from the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

How to open a business in Poland

Opening a company in Poland in 2023 consists of these steps:

  • Determining the type of economic activity to select the PCD codes (maximum of 10).
  • Submitting an online application for company registration (form CEiDG-1) to the Central Register of Information on Business Activities. You can do this only if you have a residence or permanent residence permit. Entrepreneurs who establish a limited liability partnership or a limited liability company make an entry in the National Court Register.
  • Obtaining NIP (Personal Identification Number) and REGON numbers after registering a business. It is also necessary to choose the form of accounting and taxation at once - a tax on general conditions, a lump sum on registered income, or a flat rate.
  • Submission of a declaration to the ZUS (Social Insurance Institution). Entrepreneurs just starting their business can take advantage of the contribution payment benefits.
  • Opening an account at a local bank, must be notified to the tax office and ZUS by updating the CEIDG application.

How to set up a company in Poland quickly

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