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The state of Liechtenstein is offshore zone where the client’s data is carefully protected. This country is on the second place after Switzerland on the level of banking secrecy compliance. Considering that this country is located on the territory of Europe, opening a bank account here is a good idea for many companies. You can pay attention to Union Bank AG, whose work is aimed at providing services to customers from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, so bank’s employees speak Russian.

About the Bank

The head office of Union Bank is located in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. It appeared in 2009 and belongs to the Liechtenstein Family Fund. Union Bank provides a large number of financial services, and although it is an institution serving offshore companies, strictly adheres to the AML policy aimed at combating illegal money. The Bank is a member of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation), FATF (engaged in combating with financing of terrorism and criminal money), etc.

Union Bank cooperates with various financial services providers. Therefore, the client has the opportunity to receive answers regarding financial and property planning anywhere in the world. You can clarify various tax issues regarding double taxation.

Bank services

Union Bank offers various banking services. Among them:

• Various types of accounts in euros, Swiss francs, dollars, rubles, precious metals.
• Contributions.
• Debit and credit cards.
• Individuals and enterprises lending.
• Asset Management.
• Consultations in the field of investment.
• Consultations on financing, mergering, restructuring and other corporate matters.
• Payment services.
• International transfers.
• SWIFT transactions.
• Forfaiting.
• Personal and corporate accounts managing of the client.
• Account management via Internet banking in English or German.

The Bank does not have strict requirements for the minimum balance, but if the amount is higher than 150 thousand Swiss francs, the institution offers the best rates.

As in all banks of Liechtenstein, information about the client is under a high level of protection. Nevertheless, the institution itself, in dubious situations, reserves the right to demand the documents regarding a particular financial transaction (contracts, documents on the origin of money, etc.). And the bank can do this both before opening an account and as a result of making payments.

A Union Bank client can not worry about his deposits. Deposits are under the protection of the state: Union Bank AG is a member of the Liechtenstein compensation system for investors. This means that private or corporate customer’s deposits of the amount up to 100 thousand Swiss francs. or in another currency equivalent to this amount will be guaranteed.

How to open an account

To open an account, personal visit to the Union Bank is not necessary, but the person who will dispose of it, within three months after opening must meet with the bank's employee. Specialists of our company will help you to collect all necessary documents, send it to the bank, arrange a meeting with the manager of Union Bank.