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UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank AG is one of the largest European banks with a broadly diversified international network. Its subsidiaries are located in 22 countries of the world, and the total number of branches exceeds 9 thousand. Therefore, account in UniCredit Bank opens up huge financial opportunities for owner.

UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank was founded in 1998 during the merger of several Italian financial institutions. Currently, it serves more than 40 million people, UniCredit Bank branch can be found in 22 countries of the world, it is one of the ten largest banking groups in the world. Over the years, the corporation has successfully developed a solid reputation in the field of business practice and is a recognized worldwide company focused on stable growth.

This is evidenced by the entry of UniCredit into a number of large international sustainability and rating indicators: the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the FTSE4Good Index, the Global Register of the Sustainable Development Index of Ethibel, oekom Research AG.

At present, UniCredit Bank is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchanges on the XETRA platform, as well as on the Milan and Warsaw stock exchanges.

Expansion of the corporation

After the merger of the first Italian banks, the expansion of the corporation did not end. So, in 2003, three banks were created, each of which was directed to a certain category of clients:

• Unicredit Banca - for private individuals, small and medium-sized businesses.
• Unicredit Private Banking - for customers with high incomes.
• Unicredit Banca d'Impresa - for companies.

Since then, the company has significantly expanded its activities, acquiring shares of various European financial institutions. The most important institutions of UniCredit Group are located in Northern Italy, Austria, southern Germany. The branches of two major investment banks are located in Munich and Frankfurt. There is UniCredit Bank in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, including the post-Soviet countries: its representation is in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia. Moscow has a subsidiary office of UniCredit Bank.

The expansion of UniCredit in Eastern Europe is primarily due to the lack of capital and technological development in the banking sector after the collapse of communism. UniCredit Group took advantage of the opportunity presented in the financial sector, held in many European countries after the fall of the Iron Curtain. In 1999, UniCredit signed privatization agreement with Pekao, one of Poland's largest banks. At the moment the group owns 52.93% of the shares of this bank.

In autumn 2005, UniCredit SpA bought the German bank HVB Group (HypoVereinsbank), becoming the owner of 93.93% of the shares. Hypovereinsbank UniCredit Bank AG is currently the fifth largest financial institution in Germany and the fourth largest in terms of the number of employees. Its registered office is located in Munich, and it is a member of the Cash Group. This is the name of cooperation between the four largest German private banks (Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, HypoVereinsbank and Postbank), whose ATMs can be used by customers of these banks without commission.

Since 1999, UniCredit Bank has started to work with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The bank started with buying a controlling stock of shares of the Polish Pekao Bank, then the Slovak Pol'nobanca (now Unibanka), the Bulgarian Bulbank, the Croatian Splitska Banka. This policy continued in 2000 with the purchase of the largest Croatian bank Zagrebacka Banka, as well as the Romanian Demirbank, Czech Živnostenská Banka (UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia). A few years later, Unicredito Italiano merged with HipoFereinsbank (HVB), the second largest bank in Germany. In May 2007, the group acquired the fourth Italian bank Capitalia.


Particular attention in its work UniCredit attaches to local infrastructure, as well as to the study of the region where its branches operate. In order to better understand the situation, the Territorial Committees have been established, which function as advisory bodies appointed by the Board of Directors of the UniCredit Group. This includes individuals who are not directly involved in the work of the corporation, but who are key figures in the business world. These are representatives of trade associations, local independent bodies, cultural institutions, voluntary organizations and research institutes in a certain territory.

UniCredit private bavking works both with private individuals and corporations, offering a huge range of financial services. The presence of subsidiaries in many countries of the world allows customers significantly facilitate work with finance.

Among the services:

• Opening a current account.
• Deposits in various currencies, term deposits.
• International and domestic transfers.
• Various types of loans.
• Debit and credit cards.
• Mortgage.
• Investments, brokerage services.
• Safes.
• Insurance card, property, life, health.
• Refinancing.
• Overdraft.

To enable the client manage his accounts from a distance, various online services have been developed. For example, it can be done by phone through voice communication with a consultant or special application on a smartphone with the Internet, installing the application (UniCredit Bank application).

Another convenient way to remotely operate with your money is UniCredit Bank online. Internet banking in Russia can be found at the following link: www.enter.unicredit.ru. Enter UniCredit Bank allows you to pay for services, monitor the movement of money on the account, receive statements on financial transactions, order certain services. SWIFT UniCredit Bank and other details, UniCredit Bank addresses can also be found on the bank's website.

Another convenient feature: with the help of the site you can determine the availability of the nearest office or find a cash machine of UniCredit Bank. For this purpose, a special UniCredit Bank card of branches and terminals of UniCredit Bank Moscow and other cities has been developed. You can work with Internet banking without fear of intrusion of intruders: the system is reliably protected from hacking.

How to open an account

To open an account, a personal visit to the bank is necessary, so it is very important to appear in bank with all papers so that the bank employee does not have additional questions after studying it.

Our company will allow you to quickly and inexpensively open an account in UniCredit Bank. This can be a Czech, German, Italian or other financial institution of your choice. We will help you prepare a full package of documents, properly issue papers. If it will be filled incorrectly or anything will cause questions from the bank's employee (for example, there will be suspects of money laundering), the institution may refuse to open an account.