Sberbank CZ

Sberbank CZ

The Czech Sberbank CZ started work in 1993, and since then has shown stable growth, annually increasing profits. The bank provides wide range of financial services to corporate and private clients, so having an account in this bank is the right solution.

Sberbank CZ Czech Republic

The Czech Savings Bank is commercial institution, whose clients are more than 100 thousand people. The bank works both with individuals and with various companies, responding to the requests of even the most demanding customers. At the end of December 2016 in the Czech Republic there were 28 regional branches and huge number of ATMs.

Sberbank CZ offers its customers a wide range of services. Among them:

• time deposit and current accounts;
• deposits in euros, dollars, rubles, czech korunas;
• payment and credit cards;
• various types of loans;
• mortgage;
• investment products;
• trade and export finance;
• remittances, both domestically and internationally;
• maintenance of accounts;
• factoring;
• remote access to accounts and ability to manage through Internet banking and mobile phone;
• transactions on management of liabilities and assets, securities;
• individual bank safe for storing documents, valuables;
• insurance.

The Bank pays special attention to work with Russian-speaking clients, for which it was created a network of Russian-language branches in Prague and Karlovy Vary. This is very important point, because it is very important for the employee to be able to explain various nuances to the client and answer the questions. In addition, the Internet site ( was originally established for Russian-speaking clients.

Sberbank online CZ

Through Internet banking, a client can conduct both active and passive transactions. In other words, he can work with his money (make transfers, purchases, create payment orders, etc.), receive information about the account status, money transfers, issue a loan, calculate the interest on it, amount of payments, learn Sberbank CZ SWIFT and other bank details. If the card is lost, the user can easily block it.

One can pay for purchases in Internet, it is possible to set a monthly limit to additionally secure oneself from the theft of money from electronic accounts (if necessary, the limit can be changed). More details about the possibilities of Internet banking you can found at the following link: in the "Help" section.

The bank pays special attention to security. To manage accounts, the Czech Savings Bank proposes to install the Sberbank Online Banking application, which is reliably protected from attacks by intruders. To this end, the client must sign a separate agreement with the bank, which specifies the method for authorizing active transactions. This can be an electronic key (token), the access to account is protected during it using:

• login –is received in the envelope signing the contract;
• PIN-code - is installed directly in the application;
• token-code-is got from the token, which every minute gives out a one-time authorization key.

The second option of authorization is Signature Certificate. So protect the password-protected key length of 1024 bits. In this case, access to Internet banking will be protected by the login and password provided by the bank after the application is connected. Financial transactions under the protection of the Signature Certificate guarantee high security while working with accounts through Sberbank Online CZ Banking.

How to open an account

Appeal to our company, you can open an account in Sberbank CZ Czech Republic as soon as possible. Our specialists will help you to issue papers, choose the most optimal option. The procedure for opening an account takes about an hour. Customers can not be afraid for the safety of their money, the safety of which is protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.


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Hanauer Landstr. 126 - 128,


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Museum lane., 4, 01001,
Business center "Europe"


+44 (203) 769-29-01

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