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The Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group is the largest banking group in the country, with customers of more than 1.7 million Austrians, in other words, every second resident of the country. Raiffeisen banks are spread all over the world, sixteen subsidiaries are located in Eastern Europe, including Russia and Ukraine. The Bank provides clients with a wide range of financial services, which is why the account opened in Raiffeisen bank AG opens many opportunities for the client.

About the Bank

Raiffeisen bank appeared in Austria in 1927 as the Cooperative Central Bank (Genossenschaftliche Zentralbank). In 1938, when Austria was captured by Nazi Germany, the bank was nationalized and returned to the owners only twenty years later. In 1989, the bank received a modern name in honor of one of the pioneers of the cooperative movement, F. V. Raiffeisen.

Since then, Raiffeisen bank Vienna has been actively growing and developing. The first subsidiary company was established in Eastern Europe in 1987. Raiffeisen bank Polska starts operations in Poland in 1991. Raiffeisen bank Aval has been operating in Ukraine since 1992, Raiffeisen bank CZ in the Czech Republic since 1993, Raiffeisen bank Moscow since 1996 , then was opened the office of Raiffeisen bank SPB.

Thus, Raiffeisen Banking Group significantly expanded its activities, and in 2003, the subsidiaries were merged into one company called Raiffeisen International. In turn, this institution was connected with the main bank Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG, after which the financial institution became known as Raiffeisen Bank International. It owns half of the assets of the Raiffeisen Group.


Raiffeisen bank internatonal A G Vienna offers various financial services that can satisfy the interests of both private clients and business representatives. Raiffeisen bank official website allows you to find more about the list of services. Among them:

• Private, corporate accounts, as well as salary, student, youth.
• Raiffeisen bank credit and deposit cards, which allow you to withdraw money from ATMs, make non-cash payments around the world.
• Deposits.
• Insurance.
• Work with shares, bonds.
• Investment funds.
• Work with real estate.
• Various types of loans, including leasing.
• Domestic and international payments.
• E-commerce.
• Factoring, franchising.
• Electronic banking services.
• Website of Raiffeisen bank.
• Service for private doctors.
• Consultations on tax and legal laws, knowledge of which is necessary for successful business.
• High secrecy.
• Customer service in German, Russian, English and other European languages.

Raiffeisen bank pays active attention to business development, conducting various consultations, organizing seminars for both experienced and beginning entrepreneurs. With a competently business plan, the bank provides a loan if the project is success.

Investors of Raiffeisen bank can not be afraid for the safety of their deposits: they are all protected by the deposit insurance fund of the state where the institution is located. Owners of Raiffeisen bank Austria and other countries can be sure that in the event of bank’s bankruptcy, the money will be returned.

Remote access services

Raiffeisen bank the official site allows not only to get acquainted with the products of the bank, but also to get access to Internet banking, Raiffeisen bank SWIFT and other requisites necessary for conducting cash transactions. With the help of Raiffeisen bank banking, the client can control and operate with own money, regardless of the place of stay and time of day if the Internet is available. Remote access to Raiffeisen bank online personal account allows you to use various banking products.

After entering into the Raiffeisen bank personal account the customer can:

• Check the balance of the current account, income and account replenishment.
• Make statements.
• Open or close the deposit.
• Monitor the status of credit and debit cards.
• Make internal and international transfers.
• Pay taxes, utilities and other services, goods in the Internet.
• Make a reservation.
• Make donations.
• Create payment templates and other financial documents.
• Work with securities.
• Obtain graphical and other types of reports.
• Find out the nearest Raiffeisen Bank ATMs, branches, as well as partner of Raiffeisen-bank, from ATMs of which you can withdraw money for the same interest.
• Find out the Raiffeisen bank phone in the desired city.
• Conduct a dialogue with online consultant on issues related with the bank working.

Raiffeisen bank online is equipped with integrated security system. Therefore, the client can not be afraid about money access by unauthorized persons or that his data, passwords will be changed by third parties. Raiffeisen bank connect security systems include a browser with 128-bit encryption, access to accounts is available only after entering special codes. Money transfers also need confirmation. If the PIN code is not entered correctly, Internet banking is blocked.

If no action has been taken on the Raiffeisen bank server, the program is automatically closed. Two minutes before the Raiffeisen bank logoff, so you will be warning.

How to open an account

The employees of our company will help you prepare, fill in all necessary documents to open an account, send to the Raiffeisen bank branch, which will help you to save money and time. In order to conclude an official contract with Raiffeisen bank, all corporate documents require apostille. If the documents are filled incorrectly or anything causes suspicion among managers, the bank may refuse in bank account opening.