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PPF Banka

Net income PPF Banka A.S. in 2016 exceeded 1.2 million CZK, and the capital increased by almost 20% per year. The Bank specializes in providing financial, consulting, investment services for individuals and legal entities, including private financial institutions. The account opened in PPF Banka allows you to make a huge number of transactions, and money is reliably protected.

About the Bank

The first branch of PPF Banka was opened in Prague in 1992 as the First City Bank. Ten years later the shares of the institution were acquired by a large investment group PPF, which carries out international payment transactions through it, provides various financial services.

The institution is one of the most active participants in trading on the Prague Stock Exchange. The bank is focused on the working with medium and large companies with Czech capital, municipal enterprises, private investors, providing services both in Czech Republic and abroad (bank clients live in more than in 30 countries).

The bank offers the clients the following services:

• Deposit and credit accounts.
• MasterCard bank cards (credit and debit cards).
• Investment - securities, currency, stocks, bonds trading, etc.
• Banking - financial, consulting, operational services, lending.
• Financial services in concluding international transactions, including preparatory period.
• Municipal services.
• Corporate finance management.
• Convenient Internet banking for financial management and account control.

In the bank you can open an account not only in Czech crowns, dollars, euros, rubles, but also other currencies are available (this issue needs to be discussed with the consultant).

How to open an account in PPF Banka

To open an account, it is necessary the personal presence, so a non-resident of a country before making a trip to the Czech Republic must make sure that he has collected all documents. For company registration it is necessary to give originals of authorized papers, and also Certificate of Incumbency, the term of which does not exceed six months.

The person who will manage the account or the beneficiary of the company must present:

• originals of internal and foreign passports;
• receipt for communal payment;
• paper from the place of work;
• if a person owns a resident company - the Charter, registration document.

It should be take in mind that the bank can ask additional documents, including requesting them in a Czech translation, certified by notary. The account opening takes from one to two weeks, depending on how soon the client will provide necessary information. If the bank doubts the legality of the provided information, it may refuse in registration.