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OTP Bank

OTP Bank commercial bank is the largest financial institution in Hungary, which in 2014 by size of assets was included in the list of the largest companies in the world according to the Forbes magazine. The Bank has representative offices and subsidiaries around the world, providing clients with various financial services. Therefore, account in OTP Bank opens huge financial opportunities for the client of the institution.

OTP Bank

OTP Bank appeared as the National Savings Bank (NSB), in 1949. It was a national, state, banking enterprise that provides retail deposits and loans. In subsequent years, bank’s activities has expanded significantly. It was allowed to enter into transactions with real estate, later the role was increased due to the provision of domestic currency accounts and foreign exchange services. Since 1989, the institution began operating as a multifunctional commercial bank. In addition to continuing previous activities, the bank was given the right to provide commercial loans and banking services for correspondent banking and export-import transactions.

In 1990, the NSB became a public company and became known as National Savings and Commercial Bank. Subsequently, non-banking activities were separated from the bank along with auxiliary units.

Privatization of the institution began in 1995. As a result of three public offers, along with the withdrawal of the bank's shares to the Budapest Stock Exchange, state ownership in the bank fell to one golden share. Currently, OTP Group is owner of the company.

After the end of privatization OTP Bank entered to the world market, focusing on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which offer great opportunities for economic growth, similar to those that exist in the domestic market in Hungary.

2008 was a turning point in the history of OTP Bank. This year, the bank first sold one of subsidiaries. French Groupama SA bought insurance company and decided to cooperate with OTP Bank at strategic points. As a result, Groupama SA acquired 8% shares in OTP Group.

Affiliated companies

OTP Bank PLC completed several successful acquisitions, becoming a key player in the region. Except Hungary, OTP Group has subsidiaries in eight countries of Eastern and Central Europe. In particular, OTP Bank (https://www.otpbank.ru/) operates in Russia, Ukraine (OTP Bank Ukraine bought shares of Raiffeisen Bank).

Thus, OTP Group currently serves more than 14.5 million customers through almost 1.5 thousand, agent networks and remote access channels.

Due to economic and legal reasons, OTP Group provides universal financial services through companies belonging to the group. In Hungary, traditional banking operations are carried out through OTP Bank Hungary, while specialized services (including car leasing, investment funds) are developed and offered by OTP subsidiaries.


OTP Bank offers various financial services. Among them:

• Opening the various types of accounts - current, savings, securities, long-term investment for transactions by OTP bank's securities.
• Debit cards.
• Credit card OTP Bank with favorable terms.
• Electronic banking services.
• Shares trading, securities.
• Investments.
• Purchase of bonds.
• Mortgages.
• Loans.
• Payment transactions.
• International and domestic transfers.
• Treasury services.

"Personal Bank" service is intended for customers who need high-level financial services adapted to their needs, including HUF and FX account management, investment and fund management, credit services. Clients of Private Banking receive individual servicing in the branches of OTP Bank through their own private account managers, by phone or at home through Internet bank. In 2007 OTP Bank nyrt decided to bring new products (auto loans, mortgages, cash loans) to the market, it turned out that the existing CRM system does not allow it to be done quickly. Then it was decided to introduce in Russia a new version of OTP Bank Siebel, which has more powerful capabilities, allowing customers to use the latest innovative developments. Thanks to OTP Bank Siebel & 1, it became much easier to take out a loan in OTP Bank. OTP Bank Siebel crm & 1 can download anyone who wants.

Remote access services

The ability of the client to manage his money in the distance is offered by the bank through a telephone, smartphone or Internet banking. One can download OTP Bank on a smartphone (SmartBank) without problems, adhering to instructions, you can use Internet banking through the site. OTP direct Internet service allows you to find out the amount on your account, make purchases, pay for services, conduct trading operations, open or close deposit account, order a loan, make money transfers, apply for OTP direct or SmartBank (smartphone) mobile phone services. It is also possible to receive information via SMS. If necessary, through the system, you can find out the nearest branch of OTP Bank of Kiev branch or another city where the bank's branches are located.

The client can not be afraid for the safety of his funds after logging into the OTP Bank personal cabinet: the system is reliably protected from hacking. In addition to the identification code, password and account number, the user can request an additional code sent via SMS to the mobile phone, which is required to access any information relating to the account and perform financial transactions. Additional precautions on the part of the user (reliable anti-virus protection of the computer) will further minimize the risk of intrusion. You can also increase security with free mobile signature feature.
Open an account

The specialists of our company will help you quickly collect the documents required to open an account with OTP Bank of Hungary. The institution monitors for own reputation and carefully checks the papers. Therefore, if some items are ignored or misrepresented, OTP Bank may require additional information and even refuse to open an account.