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Millennium Bank

For foreigner, opening an account in the Polish Millennium bank is the most optimal option. Unlike other financial institutions, the application can be submitted via the Internet, after which the employee contacts the client and sends the courier to pre-arranged place. The submitted application to Bank Millennium online is an extremely convenient option, since there is no need to go to the office yourself, spend time on the road.

Bank Millennium

Millennium bank in Poland was founded in 1989 as the Bank for Economic Initiatives (BIG SA). Since 1992, it is registered on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Eight years later, BIG SA merged with BIG Bank Gdański. A year later, the financial institution together with Banco Comercial Portugues (Portugal) began working with individuals under the Millennium brand, and in 2003 completely switched to this name. Currently, the Portuguese own 50.1% of the shares.

Millennium bank PL is the third in the country according to the Golden Bank rating and is the owner of the various prestigious awards. Among them:

• The best Internet banking in the Republic of Poland;
• The best bank for online account opening;
• The best bank in Eastern and Central Europe for corporate responsibility;
• The best in the security category.

In its work, Millennium bank Polska pays special attention to the latest technologies, consistently developing a digital platform, the flexibility of which makes it possible to follow new trends and put them into operation. Thanks to Internet banking, the customer has a constant opportunity to monitor the status of his accounts, use various services. In 2015, the bank was one of the first giving the customers the opportunity to use a mobile application using a fingerprint, and a year later launched a program to confirm money transfers 3D Secure with fingerprints.

Bank offers

Millennium bank carries out its activities and provides financial services through an extensive network of branches, Internet banking. Serves both private clients, as well as legal entities, enterprises. In addition to banking, Millennium bank Pl deals with leasing (provides professional services for renting various vehicles, real estate), owns a brokerage company, investment funds, and are involver in charity work.

Millennium bank offers the following services:

• current and personal account in different currencies;
• lending (credit cards, cash);
• leasing services;
• factoring;
• Mortgages;
• investment services;
• insurance;
• Internet banking (Millennium bank PL logowanie is actively used by more than 1.5 million private individuals, 13 thousand corporate clients).

Any client of the bank is provided with professional telephone service at any time of the day (TeleMillennium). With the help of a consultant, the client has the opportunity to obtain detailed information about the products and services of the bank, order transactions with own banking products (opening / closing an account, activation and closing accounts, application for a loan, various advices and clarifications).

The institution takes care of foreign investors. A special line is opened, where Millennium Bank PL speaks with his customers in Russian, Ukrainian and other languages.

How to open an account with Bank Millennium

For account opening a citizen of another country must provide a bank employee with a foreign passport. It is necessary to give the exact address in the native country, a place of work, a Polish phone number. It will be also necessary to indicate the address of residence in the Republic of Poland. A plastic card will be sent here (this will take no more than a week).

Also, it is possible to take the card in person by visiting the branch of the bank. In this case, the employee will give instructions, including explaining how to use Internet banking to be able to control own finances at any time. To do this, you will need to log in to the system (Millennium bank logowanie) and do the actions specified in the instructions.

If the account is opened for the company, the owner will not limit with one passport. It is necessary to provide documents certified by a notary (certificate of incorporation, copies of the charter). Also, one need to present a list of people in Polish who will manage the account.

Protection of deposits

Bank investors can not be afraid for their money. Deposits in Bank Millennium SA are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. According to the law of 2016, individual and a legal entity (with a few exceptions) will be fully refunded if the amount was not more than 100 thousand zł. If the depositor had a joint account with another person, this limit concern to the same amount per client. There is one nuance: all funds accumulated in the bank by one person, regardless of the number of accounts on which money is stored (for example, term deposits, current accounts) are treated as one deposit.


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