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Komercni Banka

The Czech Komerční banka A. S. is one of the best financial institutions in the country. Stable growth, an extensive network of branches, offices, investment centers, a huge number of interesting financial offers, access to money at any time due to advanced Internet banking - all this made the Commercial Bank popular among entrepreneurs and the population. Therefore, the account has more than 1.6 million customers.

About the Bank

In 1989, the Czechoslovak State Bank was divided into three parts. One unit continued to perform the functions of the state bank, while the other two became commercial establishments. One began operating in the Czech Republic under the name Komerční banka, the other in Slovakia as Všeobecná úverová banka.

In 1992, the Commercial Bank was transformed into a joint stock company, and five years later the state decided to sell its shares. In 2001, the international financial group Société Générale, which belonged to the French, acquired 60% of the shares of the institution. After privatization, the bank began significantly expand its activities. In 2003, he was recognized as the most dynamically developing and authoritative bank of the year. In 2006, after the acquisition of the MPSS shares and the Czech insurance company, the bank's customers became more than 800 thousand people (before the transaction was 200 thousand). Since then, Komerční banka has been growing and is actively developing, receiving many awards for its financial activities.

Bank services

KB offers its customers a wide range of services. Among them:

• Current, savings, student or entrepreneurial accounts.
• Debit and credit cards.
• Deposits.
• Ability to make payments and purchases through the Internet, including international payments.
• Cash and remote maintenance.
• Business financing.
• Loans, mortgages.
• Pension savings, insurance.
• Investment gold.
• Currency exchange - the rate can be found on the website (Kursovni listek Komercni Banka).
• Safes for storing securities, valuables and others.
• Calculator for calculating interest from deposits or loans.
• Asset management, work with securities.
• Trade in the world financial markets.

The services of the bank are available to customers through branches scattered all over the country, as well as Internet banking. Through a securely secured connection, you can monitor transactions, make purchases at any time of the day, monitor the account status.

The service for corporate clients is provided by two divisions, usually in accordance with the annual turnover (sales) and the number of the used products Companies with turnover from 60 to 1500 million CZK are usually serviced by the corporate sales centers. Customers with higher turnover are serviced by the Top Corporations, located in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

The Commercial Bank pays much attention to patronage. The main activity is aimed at culture, non-professional sports and education. For more than ten years Komerční banka cz has been the general partner of the National Theater, the most important Czech theater. The bank also supports the French film festival in the country. Since 2014, the bank is a partner of the National Gallery in Prague.

The bank operates the Komerční banka Jistota Foundation, which has been supporting social and medical services projects for over twenty years, focusing on older people and children. Fund donations in 2014 exceeded 9 million CZK.

Thus, it is obvious that opening an account with Komerční banka is the right decision. Our qualified staff will help you to do this quickly.