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Barclays Bank PLC

Barclays bank PLC is one of the largest financial institutions in the UK, which operates in 55 countries, employing 120 thousand people. The bank is the second largest in terms of assets and is considered one of the most reliable banks in the world.

The modern name, Barclays bank PLC, the bank received in 1985 after the merger of two divisions - Barclays Bank and Barclays Bank International.

О банке

The history of Barclays bank dates back in the past: it was founded by the London jewelers in 1690. Forty years later, it was appeared a logo with a black eagle. In 1896, after the merger of several financial institutions in England, the conglomerate was called Barclays and Co.

Then the institution was expanded after the absorption of small banks. In 1965 Barclays Bank was appeared, the first branch in the USA. The bank also owns many African units: its branches are in twelve states of Africa.

In 1866, the bank introduced customers with the first world's ATM. In 1987, the credit cards were appeared in the country on the bank's initiative. Now the cards are among the ten most popular in the world.

Barclays has more than 4,750 branches in 55 states, about 1600 are in the UK. In England, Barclays also provides some personal banking services through post offices.

Currently, Barclays bank PLC London has many units. One of them, Personal & Corporate Banking, serves more than 15 million customers, providing traditional financial services. Investment Bank works with investments, advises companies about mergers questions. There is also a subdivision of non-core assets, which sells securities and companies, from which Barclays Bank London has decided to refuse.

Услуги банка

  • Private and corporate bank accounts opening.
  • Credit and debit cards.
  • Providing of various types of loans.
  • Ability to make purchases in the Internet, conduct trading operations, pay bills.
  • Internal and international transfers (including Barclays bank SWIFT).
  • Investments.
  • Brokerage services.
  • Business financing.
  • International banking services, incl. - opportunity to open offshore accounts.
  • Capital Management.
  • Fiduciary services.
  • Brokerage services.
  • Remote access to accounts through Internet banking services.

Customers of Barclays and other banks with which the bank has agreement can use Barclays ATMs in the UK free of charge, while in some other countries there is a charge. Barclays Bank in London is a member of the Global Alliance of ATMs, so that its customers have the right of withdrawing cash from ATMs of other banks-member without payment for access, including abroad.

Barclays bank offers corporate clients such services as business banking. These are banking services, supporting and expert advices, accounts designed specifically for the client's business, financing. In case of problems in business, the service provides examination by people who are well versed in the matter.

Barclays online banking

To facilitate the work with money, Barclay's bank has developed the ability to its remotely managing through the Internet banking, that is available 24 hours a day.
You can:

  • Monitor the status of your accounts.
  • Pay for goods and services.
  • Make money transfers, incl. - international (Barclays bank PLC SWIFT).
  • Trading operations managing.
  • Check the status of applications and order new ones.
  • Financial instruments using to multiply the capital.
  • Find the Barclays bank details.
  • Find the address of the nearest branch in the country where you are, for example, Barclays Bank Plc, Ghana Complaint 4637 | Scambook.
  • Securely upload and store documents using Cloud It.
  • Access to a number of different financial products, including loans, travel insurance, ability to open a deposit.
  • Get answers to questions about the work of the bank.

The client can notify Barclays bank about a lost or stolen card through online banking, as a result of which it will be immediately blocked.

The client of Barclay's bank can not worry about the safety of his funds: the system is reliably protected from hacking.

Therefore, if the user does not disclose confidential information himself and takes care of protecting the computer from viruses, money from the accounts of Barclays bank PLC London will not be lost, and the information will not be stolen.

If desired, you can install additional protection called PINsentry. There are several varieties of this type of protection for Barclays wealth online banking. One of them is a small pocket device that generates unique 8-digit codes, ensuring security of transactions in online banking. In this device, you can insert your debit card or authentication card, then, depending on which process you want to complete in online banking, the user will be asked to enter own data to create a unique 8-digit code. Thus, entering this code while working in online banking or when entering the system, Barclays bank uk provides an additional level of security and protection. If the code is entered incorrectly three times, work with Internet banking will be blocked.

Also there is a voice and sound version of PINsentry to protect Barclays internet banking. The device is powered by a battery, so there is no need to connect it to computer. For its working, it is necessary to switch on, turning the volume bottom until the clicks, and then inserting bank card into it. If the user is alone, in the house, one can use the built-in dynamic, but it is better to use headphones for additional privacy in public places. After clicking on one of the keys, the user will receive the key's name, sometimes the device can request additional information. If the user operates without headphones, the unit will sound the code with acoustical signal.

How to open bank account

There is no branch of Barclays bank in Moscow. Do not confuse it with M.B.Barklay Investment bank: it does not belong to the Barclays group. Earlier Barclays bank PLC in Moscow has acquired Expobank. Barclays bank Russia worked until 2011, after which it closed the business and left Russia with huge losses.

Our specialists will help to prepare, fill all necessary documents for bank account opening in Barclay's bank. The Bank decides to open an account within two weeks after receipt of all documents in the main office. In doubtful situations, the bank may refuse or ask for additional information.


Deposit Protection

For his investments, the client can not be afraid: they are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Law.

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