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Non-residents of the country are recommended to familiarize themselves with the taxation system when registering business in the territory of the State of Delaware. The policy of the United States regarding investors of non-citizens is quite flexible. However, there are some requirements that are legislatively enforced by firms registered in the jurisdiction of Delaware.

Tax policy

The company of any organizational form is obliged after registration to register with the tax authority of the United States of America. This condition has legislative confirmation.

It is stipulated a tax rate of 8.7% for the corporation a tax rate.
Federal taxation is at the level of 15-39%.

Companies registered in the territory of Delaware are required to submit financial statements once a year. For violation of the deadlines for filing documents, penalties are provided. Auditor's report is not required. Also, there is no provision for currency control.

The rate of 20% of the maximum possible is laid on the surplus capital gains. A similar rate applies to dividends, which can come from local or some foreign organizations.

Delaware differs from most states of America in the absence of sales tax. And there is no value added tax. As a replacement for sales tax, a tax on gross income is levied. Unlike sales tax, gross can not be shifted to the consumer's shoulders.

The rate of 3.75 is levied on the sale of a motor vehicle. Some licensed activities are taxed up to 1.92%.

In the form of a limited liability company, business does not become taxable. Turnover of funds is managed by shareholders who pay taxes, being individuals. All revenues must be reflected in the declaration of each shareholder.

in the following cases, the declaration of income is not required:
— LLC is engaged in trade or business outside the United States, and
— All LLC shareholders are not US tax residents.

LLC is required to file a federal tax return if:
— LLC is engaged in business in the USA, and
— LLC has two or more shareholders.

LLC, which is engaged in business in the US and has only a shareholder, is not required to file a tax return.

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